Hi, I am Paivi Eerola from Finland,

Coming from the land of trust, I am a full-time artist who helps you to use both sides of your brain and feel free through art.

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My Journey to Powerful Images

Like you, I have always loved art. But born in a small town near the Russian border, I thought I have to choose differently to be able to support myself. I became fascinated by the new technology when I saw a computer for the first time in the 1980s. I left the small town, went to study at The Helsinki University of Technology (currently known as Aalto University), and got a master’s degree in computer engineering.

I have taught thousands of professionals to learn new skills in developing IT products and services. I have helped people to overcome their fears about programming in a new way, about launching a new system to the market, about thinking bigger about themselves and their ideas.

Paivi Eerola teaches IT professionals in the 1990s. Now she teaches art at Peony and Parakeet!

Understanding the logic is only a part of learning. Another part is learning with your heart. To help people to connect with what I was teaching, I started telling stories and using images. In 2007, I wanted to get a formal education in visual communication and got a bachelor’s degree in industrial design in 2009.

Since then, I have helped people to use images for leading a positive change,
and now I help you to create so that it’s both inspirational and freeing.

Paivi is a very profound lady. Her insights are amazing. Although having a technical background, Paivi sees beauty, philosophy, and art in everything. Paivi has helped me a lot in my art journey.”
– Claudia Watkins, UK

Online Art Classes

My goal is that my classes are so hooking so that you will not want to quit. Whether you create art journals, mixed media drawings or big paintings, become my student and step up to the next level in ideas and expression!

I am looking and seeing differently, and have a new way of focusing.
– Sue Rowlands, UK

I have a new direction to go experiment with, so many new ways to cultivate original ideas which is what I was hoping for.
– Cheryl Rayner, US

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Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet, online art classes & orginal art and prints

Original Art and Prints

Let my art be your energy icon, the image that stops time and connects you with your inner power!

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Hear more about my insights on creativity with analytical mindset!

P.S. Yes, I do have a collection of peonies and four little parakeets at home.

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