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Want to Find Your Art Style? Need to Focus?

"Towards Summer", a gouache painting by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet. See the video where she paints this!

This blog post is dedicated to you who have been creating art for some time, and want to find your art style and a clearer focus. I have a bit different take on these issues than what you would probably expect. I think that forcing your creativity is not the way to go. Instead of making yourself to focus on one idea, I suggest that you learn to integrate your many ideas. And instead of trying to find your perfect art style, start building your artistic identity by doing some soul searching on a deeper level!

Finding Focus and Your Art Style – Watch the video!

I talk about focus and art style while creating the gouache painting. Watch the video below!

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18 thoughts on “Want to Find Your Art Style? Need to Focus?

  1. Above all else, you are a teacher. I’m constantly amazed by what you present for me to think about and how deep it reaches into my soul. While I could look at your art from now till the day I can’t see anymore, I will always treasure the insights into “me”. I recently looked back on a project I was very proud of several years ago. It had been some time since I really looked at it and I was amazed by the “things” I had put into it. I kept saying I can’t believe I did it. When you said to imagine what you want to do with your art and just start from there, that hit home. I had just started that project because of something I felt I needed to do. I stayed with it until it was done and now I have a visual reminder of what that inspiration was all about. If I had waited, I would have lost that inspiration. Your words are filled with truths. Thank you for your bravery in going ahead with your English blog since I found you way over here on the other side of our earth and I am surely “one of your people”.

    1. Thanks so much, Mary! It was so delightful to read about your project! Those kinds of projects are worth framing!

  2. I am going to be brave and step into this class, the unknown, and trust that the lessons and classmates and universe will bring me what I need. You are a fantastic teacher and I am excited to be part of your people! I love listening to you speak English.

    1. Thanks so much, Wendy! The excitement of the unknown is such a great place to start the journey! Looking forward to diving deeper into your passion!

  3. Beautiful painting Paivi. I have to ask, what kind of paper did you use? And what was the weight. I like to watercolor with lots of water. I have used blocks of paper but have not tried taping it down. Hmmm project for me for the new class. Thank you! I enjoyed the video.

    1. Thank you, Nancy! I used a hot press (HP) watercolor paper, weight 140 lb. The brand is St Cuthberts Mill’s Saunders Waterford. It’s 100% cotton, and it’s durable and smooth. Love it!

      Working with watercolors could definitely be your project in The Exploring Artist!! I am looking forward to guiding you!

  4. I loved your video.. watching the time lapse creation of your painting along with your wonderful English words were very powerful. I have felt drawn to your work over time and am now pondering if this is the time for me to dive in…. you certainly make it seem so…. Thank you

    1. Isabel, thanks so much! Now is definitely the time to dive deeper into your passion! Even if art is timeless, our time to create it is limited, so why wait?

  5. Amazing video, again, dear Päivi. I loved hearing you talk about the possibilites that ideas can die. If you don’t act on them.

  6. Once again, you nailed one of my core issues. I often think I am such an oddball – a fish out of water -…but watching this video and reading the other comments, I am amazed how many of us are on the same journey.

    1. Virginia, I think that many times creative people are not understood and creative thinking is seen as a sign of disorder and chaos. But when you learn how to integrate the many ideas and many fields of interest, creativity will empower you in a totally different level. Also, when you are able to integrate many things into one, then there will also more time for creating.

  7. Yes, I think I am disorderly and chaotic! And then I beat myself up about it. Because I want to try everything and totally relate to what you have so eloquently expressed. The drawing, the embroidery, the paint, the collage, all of it! So, I don’t have to work toward a focus after all. It really is OK to have my active mind reach for everything and then I can work toward having the authentic me come out on the canvas, paper, or board. Paivi — you really have reached me today. And your English is fantastic! I wish I could sign up for this class but the summer schedule is not going to allow me time to keep up with much. Much love to you. P.S. Were you painting with gouache or acryla gouache (something else to try – yes!)

  8. I want to thank you for your wonderful way of teaching. I have always stumbled around not accomplishing a great deal of art because I couldn’t focus. I would jump around with many techniques but never really mastering them. The day I turned 70 years old I decided to teach me how to draw. And then I wanted to paint better and still in the back of my brain I heard, “you are too old and not enough time”. Well I can draw fairly well, enough that I am impressed by it and I’m taking every painting class I can afford and it is apparent that I have really improved. I will never be “an artist” but I have made gigantic gains from my 70th birthday when it all started and the greatest joy is seeing the changes. I keep a drawing from when I first started so when I feel sorry for me I look at the drawing and look at what I can do know. Amazing! I am really enjoying your painting class and wanted you to know you have made a huge difference in my life. Smearing paint is my favorite thing to do.

    1. Thank you, Betty! Your story is inspiring and it expresses that you are never too old for creating art. Many times young people lack stories, depth in themes etc. Art is not just a technical performance but it has many more aspects as well.

  9. Thank
    You Paivi, for sharing your insights and experience! I’ve been feeling bad about not being focused for a couple years now. I’ve been a quilter for many years, and I’m new to drawing and painting. So I’ve been telling myself my creativity is an either-or thing. After hearing watching this video, I feel so encouraged about my creativity and art. I can see how this kind of one-way thinking is stifling my creativity, and I can give myself permission to dabble in different media and explore! It’s also great to know I don’t have to establish my “style ,” rather I can allow a style emerge on its own and change as I grow.

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