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Drawing Jewels and Flowers – Free 2-Part Mini-Course

Jeweled Bouquet by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet. Get the step-by-step tutorial for drawing this by subscribing to Paivi's weekly emails!

I have been working with a 2-part tutorial about drawing jewels and flowers. Part 1 was published last week, and Part 2 is now available too! I will guide you to create a gorgeous jeweled bouquet with just pen and paper. You can color it with colored pencils, felt-tipped pens, or watercolors. 

Jewels and Flowers - Free mini-course for the subscribers of Paivi's weekly emails. Part 1 - Jeweled Flower. Part 2 - Jeweled Bouquet. You only need pen and paper, and some coloring supplies.

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Let’s Imagine How You Will Draw in 2019!

Playing with hand-drawn collage Pieces. By Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet.

Let’s imagine the end of January: a simple line, then a simple shape, a simple bee or a butterfly. When you decorate its wings, your heart begins to flutter too: Where does this play take me?!

Drawing a butterfly. Sign up for Paivi Eerola's class Animal Inkdom!

Let’s imagine your heart leads you to February, to Valentine’s day when you want to give something special to a friend. You doodle a cake with a bird, a bird carrying your heart, a bird that no one has ever twitched before.

Drawing Birds. Sign up for Paivi Eerola's class Animal Inkdom!

Let’s imagine, the bird flies over a clear water. There are fish and glittering jewels, all hand-drawn by you.

Drawing sealife. Sign up for Peony and Parakeet's class Animal Inkdom!

Let’s imagine it’s March, and you realize how feathers and scales are not so far away from fur. Foxes, wild cats, squirrels … the furry wisdom enters your playful world.

Drawing wildlife. Animal Inkdom - an online drawing class by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet.

Let’s imagine you want to take a ride in this fantastic hand-drawn safari. You draw a deer or an elephant, anything that can carry you, dress it with tassels, woven blankets, and knits, and let your imagination hop on.

Drawing elephants. Animal Inkdom, a drawing class by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet.

Let’s imagine that despite all the seriousness that the word “art” has, you discover the power of play, and get hooked on what you can create for your Animal Inkdom!

Play with …

… Books: Embellish a notebook, an art journal, or make the prettiest bullet journal.
… Gifts: Make a set of greeting cards and be a shopper of your private gift shop.
… Collage Art: Draw collage elements, animal paper dolls, scrap pics …
… Style: Draw minimalistic animals with a blank background.
… Color: Make colorful drawings that are full of elements, enjoy the overwhelm!
… Design: Have fun drawing motifs and patterns and seeing animals as canvases.

Drawing on a bullet journal. Paivi Eerola's drawing class Animal Inkdom.

Start the new year by drawing and playing!

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New Class Animal Inkdom and Black Friday Sale!

Animal Inkdom, an online drawing class by paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet.

I am excited to open my new class Animal Inkdom for registration! It’s about doodling, drawing and coloring the magic of wildlife. See the video about this class!

Black Friday Sale!

Animal Inkdom 79 EUR, now 59 EUR
Watercolor Journey 85 EUR, now 59 EUR
Inspirational Drawing 109 EUR, now 59 EUR

By buying any of these three classes, you will get the basic membership for Bloom and Fly for the whole next year 2019! Unlike in 2018, the basic membership for Bloom and Fly doesn’t include getting in-depth feedback for your art, but it gives the forum and occasional events for staying in touch with your classmates.

Personalized Feedback
When you have goals to improve your skills or want to create from your personal standpoint, join my community’s Feedback Circle
It includes three feedback sessions, one feedback via email, and the basic membership of Bloom and Fly for 2019. 

Feedback Circle  79 EUR, now 59 EUR

Heartfelt Ink Art

For you who liked my Inktober drawings!
Three prints + international shipping 75 EUR, now 59 EUR

Ink drawings by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet

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