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Bloom and Fly – Add Richness to Your Expression!

Bloom and Fly is a community for artists who want to grow visual ideas, get support for finishing art projects, and connect with like-minded art enthusiasts. By Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet.
Sometimes an ordinary art class isn’t the solution.

When you want to create art from your personal standpoint, tutorials are not always helpful. Exploring yourself through art, discovering new ideas, delivering compelling visual messages, or adding finishing touches that make the difference are not just step-by-step things.

Bloom and Fly is a community for you who wants to add quality and richness to your art, explore yourself, get feedback and suggestions, and connect with like-minded art enthusiasts.

Paivi Eerola – Your Mentor

I have walked the path from a software engineer to a full-time visual artist. During that journey, there have been people who have seen the potential in me. They have encouraged me to continue whether it has been stepping into a field dominated by men, transforming from an engineer to a designer, or leading the life of an artist. As your mentor, I want to inspire you to move forward on one of the most beautiful paths of human life, on the path of creating art.

Your feedback is valuable to me. Also being exposed to other artists who are gradually learning to communicate more freely about their art. – Carla Heisten, USA

Bloom and Fly 
cherishes personal connections. We have a private Facebook group, live sessions, and a weekly opportunity for practical help and feedback.

Weekly Feedback So That You Won’t Get Stuck but Will Fly!

Bloom and Fly, an art community where you can request for feedback weekly! By Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet.

Every Tuesday, you have the opportunity to get feedback on your art project. Your project can be created freely from your own ideas, or from any of Paivi’s art classes, or from anyone else’s art classes. You can ask for feedback on the work that is already finished or ideas for the work that you have just started. Your projects can be made from any supplies as long as it’s visual art. The feedback includes written or visually presented suggestions. The more active you are along the weeks, the more in-depth feedback you will get as the mentor gets to know you. You will get the feedback in the Facebook group of the community.

I have got many good ideas and warm encouragement from the community. I dare to show my works there and get many kinds of interesting opinions and solutions to my problems from the members that I never had thought myself! – Pirkko-Liisa Mannoja, Finland

Comments from the group members are extremely important, helpful and encouraging making me want to strive to make better art and not to be as self conscious as I normally am! – Linda Ellis, Wales, UK

I am finding more and more what I like to do, by the feedback on Tuedsay and by what I see and read from the others.  – Marion Berkhout, The Netherlands

Bloom and Fly’s Season 3 (July – Sept 2018) is Watercolor Journey

Join us as we dive deeper into painting with watercolors together!
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Bloom and Fly’s Season 4 (Oct – Dect 2018) is Innovative Portraits

Innovative Portraits, an online art class with a community Bloom and Fly by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet

Join us as we expand our skills and refresh the way to paint and draw faces!
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