The Exploring Artist

The Exploring Artist: a 12-week group coaching program for building your artistic identity

The Exploring Artist will be back!

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Instead of searching for one fixed style

… Start Building Your Artistic Identity

by establishing a cycle of joy where your passion and your impact meet.

The Exploring Artist - Artistic Identity coaching program by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet. Build your artistic identity by establishing an active cycle of joy and energy between your passion and your people.

The Exploring Artist is a 12-week group coaching program for new visual artists, starting July 1st. You will learn how to own the big word “Artist” so that it brings quality and enthusiasm to your art making without prohibiting creative exploration. This coaching is especially for you who wants to make more impact with your art whether you want to start sharing your art in social media, blogging about art, selling, teaching local or online classes, etc.

Your Coach: Paivi Eerola

I am a full-time visual artist from Finland who has made a career change from technology to art. All my life I have been interested in a wide range of fields and ideas. When I was studying engineering,  I found robotics and mechanics as inspiring as data systems. When my journey in art began by blogging, I felt the need to start all over again every time I discovered a new way to create art. But the more I blogged, the more I realized that exploration is a part of the journey. Artists are never fully focused. Creative people always find new inspiration. What matters more, is the ability to integrate many ideas into your current projects. I will show you how to be an exploring artist who enjoys the flow of ideas without sacrificing the quality and effectivity.

Paivi Eerola, a Finnish visual artist and art coach with her painting in progress

Paivi is a very profound lady. Her insights are amazing. Although having a technical background, Paivi sees beauty, philosophy, and art in everything. Paivi has helped me a lot in my art journey.”
– Claudia Watkins, UK

Build your Identity as an Artist!

The world is full of business classes that claim to know how you can sell your art. They teach you how to make a marketing strategy, review your business model, build your website, etc. But if you haven’t grown as an artist, know what kind of advocate you are, the investment is rarely worth all the money.

Similarly, the world is full of art classes. They teach you techniques that may grow your technical skills, but they don’t help, when you want to dive deeper, use the full potential of your imagination, and create from your personal standpoint.

So when you consider the price of The Exploring Artist, think how much you would spend on those other classes, and how much time have you already spent without truly growing your artistic identity.


This is a rare opportunity to work with your art, and give it the attention it has needed for years already.

The Exploring Artist - a coaching program for new visual artists, by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet

The Exploring Artist – 12 Weeks – 6 Steps

In this coaching program, you will work with your art so that it will strengthen you as an artist.

You will get:
– A workbook divided into six parts that will help you to put your artistic identity into words.
– 6 video lessons that will guide you through each part of the workbook.
– 6 creative challenges where you will visualize your insights.
– A private Facebook group for connecting, sharing and discussions.

– 4 online group coaching sessions with the coach and the participants

Step 1: Passion (July 1-14)
– Discovering your artistic dreams and becoming more conscious about why you are so passionate about art.
– Defining your next level as an artist to establish what’s your main goal for the next 10 weeks.
– Creative Challenge: Overcoming The Fears
– Group Coaching Session (July 14)

Step 2: Potential (July 17 – 28)
– Building a bridge between your dreams and actions so that you have a foundation that energizes you rather than limits you.
– Defining the people that you want to serve and the roles you need to take so that you have a direction for self-development.

– Creative Challenge: The Many Sides of You

Step 3: Ideas (July 31 – August 11)
– Using exploration, experimenting and play to get unique ideas and to avoid repeating yourself.
– Integrating multiple ideas into one so that your work is more inspiring to your people.
– Creative Challenge: Out of the Comfort Zone

Step 4: Skills (August 14 – 25)
– Becoming more confident in self-evaluating your art regarding originality, expression, playfulness, consistency, diversity, and finishing quality.
– Setting higher standards so that they strengthen the artist in you.
– Creative Challenge: Curated Collection
– Group Coaching Session (August 14)

Step 5: Courage (August 28 – September 8)
– Opening up and sharing your art so that your people can find and trust you.
– Choosing the best ways and channels to connect with your people.
– Creative Challenge: Open Heart
– Group Coaching Session (August 30)

Part 6: Impact (September 11 – 22)
– Building relationships through art: friends, followers, customers, other artists, and businesses.
– Making the most out of rejections so that they energize rather than discourage you.
– Creative Challenge: Journey Together
– Group Coaching Session (September 14)

The Exploring Artist - A coaching program for new visual artists with creative challenges

Use Any Visual Media for the Creative Challenges

The creative challenges of The Exploring Artist are set so that you can adjust them to serve your goal. You can create many single projects or incorporate all the challenges into one big project. Your project can be a piece of art, a series of paintings, a blog post or even a class that you want to teach or event that you want to organize, anything that you want to implement during the 12 weeks. There are no limitations for techniques that you use. You can create art journal pages, illustrations, paintings, mixed media art, digital art, textile art, art photography, sculptures, etc. The only expectation for the project is that it contains visual elements and that you master the basics of what you are doing. You can ask help and request feedback for your project personally from the coach by email, via the Facebook group, or via group coaching sessions.

Brainstorm Together in the Group Coaching Sessions!

You can send questions for the session beforehand and connect with the coach and the participants in real time. The 1-hour group coaching sessions take place 11 AM PST/ 1 PM CDT/ 7 PM BST on the 14th day of each month. There’s also an extra coaching session on August 30th, scheduled for Australian time zones in mind, that takes place 7 PM AEST / 10 AM BST. The coaching sessions will be recorded. If you can’t make the session, you can watch the recording later.

Questions and Answers about The Exploring Artist

What if I am not ready to share my art just yet?
The Exploring artist is a “soul-searching class,” so it is suitable for all who want to build their artistic identity and find a purpose for their art making. But the purpose and people are connected. Thinking about sharing your art brings in a wider perspective, a bigger vision, more ways to use the imagination. Your project in The Exploring Artist doesn’t have to be related to sharing your art. Despite that, you can still work with the themes like opening up, finding words that boost your art-making process, and imagining the people you want to connect with through your art. However, sharing your art within the group is an important part of the class, so I hope you are ready to do that so that we can all help you.

What technology do I need to have to enjoy the class fully?

All the material and services provided at The Exploring Artist are in electronic format. You will need Internet access and an email account. You will also need basic programs to view (and download) MP4 videos and PDF files. Usually, these are already on your computer. If you want to participate the Facebook group, you will need a Facebook account. To upload your artwork to the group or email your artwork to the teacher, you will need a camera or a scanner, at least a phone camera. To participate the live coaching sessions, you will need a compatible browser (Google Chrome or Firefox, or a free mobile app) and a free account to a live streaming service. You will get more instructions on setting up your account once the program begins.

I will be traveling sometime during July-September. Can I still participate?
Because the program lasts 12 weeks, there’s time to catch up. The group coaching sessions are not mandatory. During the program, you can ask questions about previous steps if there’s something that you missed or that require a longer time to immerse yourself. After the program is finished, you can get back to the material delivered during the program. The material is downloadable to your computer until the end of 2017. If you save the files to your computer, you can access them from your computer as long as you want. However, because The Exploring Artist is about supporting you personally, you will get the biggest benefit if you work actively within the group.

Is there a limited number of participants?
Yes, the maximum amount is 20 participants to make sure that you will get the support you need. So make sure you will sign up sooner than later!

The Exploring Artist will be back!

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