Inspirational Drawing 2.0

Inspirational Drawing 2.0: monthly drawing lessons + supporting community

Inspirational Drawing 2.0 will be back in the fall 2017!

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Make your inner critic work with you …

Enjoy drawing from inspiration and imagination!

Many say that you have to master realistic drawing first. They recommend copying photographs detail by detail, studying the color wheel, using a ruler and measurements to get a perfect perspective, and so on. Being Finnish teaching in English, I know that mastering the whole English grammar is not so essential to be able to communicate. Actually, I don’t even fully master the grammar of my native language! The grammar doesn’t take you far in expressing emotions and telling imaginative stories. Creative expression has its own tips and tricks…

Inspirational Drawing 2.0 is a set of 5 monthly drawing lessons, starting on January 1st.
You will learn to draw so that your personal ideas and feelings come through.
With each lesson, you will celebrate your imagination and remove stiffness from your expression.

A New Class!

If you have participated Inspirational Drawing before, notice that this class has been totally revamped! Inspirational Drawing 2.0 contains all new material with new skills, structure, and content. Begin drawing or continue growing your skills and join the class!

Here’s what the students of Inspirational Drawing (1.0) have said:

It opened me up to be more free, loose, and expressive in my drawing and gave me a new appreciation of colored pencils and how to use them. It also gave me new ideas for inspiration and starting a drawing. And lastly, it gave me an appreciation for loving my ‘ugly duckling’ work as well as my ‘good’ work. It was an EXCELLENT course!
– Deb Weiers, Canada

Being a realistic artist I always found it easier to just reproduce what I saw in front of me. I’ve always admired the kind of creative work Paivi does, but had no sense of how to accomplish it. Because of her clear explanations and exercises, now I do!
– Diana Beam Weinberg, USA

I don’t need a particular subject to get started now, I can let my intuition lead me and simply follow it through its course.
– Rosemary Bosse, Australia

Inspirational Drawing, an art class by Paivi Eerola, from Peony and Parakeet

Teacher: Paivi Eerola

I am a full-time artist with degrees in industrial design and computer engineering. I created the course “Inspirational Drawing” for us who like to think and connect, but who also feel that life is not just about consuming. Watching beautiful images can never bring the same joy than drawing and painting our own. I believe that the best creative exercises let you pick and choose among all the possibilities that come along when you are drawing. I want to encourage you to go further than just trying to replicate the first image that you have in mind.

Paivi is a very inspirational, creative & supportive teacher. Her methods are very expressive and freeing.
– Diane Woolf, Canada

5 Months – 5 Lessons – No Rush!

At the beginning of each month, you will get step-by-step instructions to get started and guidance for a bigger monthly project. This class is paced so that you will have time to absorb and play with what you have learned.

 January: Mood to Motifs
– Liberating your line and getting away from stiffness
– Motifs to modules: drawing unique decorative designs
– Monthly project: Hand-drawn collage using your designs

February: Show What You Yearn
– Picking images that call you and using them as a starting point for your art
– Expressing with composition: Reducing mess and adding more meaning
– Monthly project: Illustration that summarizes what you find compelling

March: Inspirational 3D
– Making images more alive and imaginative
– Breaking the rules of perspective drawing: playing with spaces, shapes, and shadows
– Monthly project: Abstract scene that plays with imagination

April: Liberated Portraits
– Combining both concrete and abstract to one image
– Communicating with color: inspirational color choices and developing eye for color
– Monthly project: Emancipated Selfie

May: New Freedom
– Expressing change, movement, and flow
– Focusing without forcing: balancing between intuitive and intentional
– Monthly project: Past, Present, and Future – all in one image!

At the beginning of each month, you will receive a monthly lesson in a written PDF file and the links to the monthly videos. You will get about 4o minutes of edited videos each month. The material is downloadable to your computer until the end of 2017. If you save the material to your computer, you can access it from your computer as long as you want.

Get Personal Feedback and Join the Community!

You can connect with the teacher and other students in a private Facebook group. You can post your work, ask questions and join the conversation. There’s also a teacher-led discussion topic in the middle of each month. If you prefer to get feedback privately, you can email a picture of your finished exercise to the teacher and get constructive feedback by email.

Inspirational Drawing, an art class by Paivi Eerola, from Peony and Parakeet

Supplies – Mixed Media Approach

– Black drawing pen, tip width 0,4-0,8 mm. These can be brands like Micron, Staedtler and Pilot Permaball. Make sure that your pen has permanent ink.
– Coloring supplies: colored pencils, watercolors and gouache paints, inks, felt-tip pens, anything that you want to use.
 For collage pieces: sketching paper and gel medium (or paper glue)
– Smooth blank paper for monthly projects. If you want to use watercolor paper, pick the smoothest one, “Hot Press” quality.
– A blank book if you want to start an art journal for your drawings. Teacher’s recommendation: Moleskine Sketchbook or Dylusions Creative Journal (large or small) as the quality of the paper is perfectly smooth for the drawing pen.

Inspirational Drawing, an art class by Paivi Eerola, from Peony and Parakeet

Questions and Answers about Inspirational Drawing 2.0

What technology do I need to have to enjoy the class fully?
You will need Internet access and an email account. You will also need basic programs to view (and download) MP4 videos and PDF files. Usually, these are already on your computer. To participate the group discussion, you will need a Facebook account. If you want to upload your artwork to the group or email your artwork to the teacher, you will need a camera or a scanner, at least a phone camera.

I am an absolute beginner. Is this class for me?
Yes! The only requirements are that you are an adult, have used your coloring supplies a little bit beforehand, and want to create projects that include decision-making and imagination, not only copying.

I have created art for years. Is this class for me?
Yes! This class is especially for you if you a) have created realistic drawings but want to start drawing freely from imagination and inspiration, or b) have been enjoying messy mixed media but who want to add more expression and meaning to your art.

I prefer painting to drawing. Is this class for me?
Yes! Improving your intuitive drawing skills benefits painting as well. You can use paints to color your monthly projects if you want.

I participated the first version of Inspirational Drawing. Is this class for me?
Yes! Inspirational Drawing 2.0 has the same core values: celebrate drawing from imagination and inspiration, and bring new perspectives to your art. But all the content is new, and the class has a more mixed media approach! With these lessons, you can continue improving your skills and be challenged by the monthly projects.

Inspirational Drawing 2.0 will be back in the fall 2017!

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