Innovative Portraits

Expand Your Ideas and Skills for Portraits

Refresh the Way You Draw and Paint Faces

Innovative Portraits is a 3-month online art class from October 1st to December 31, 2018, with an interactive community called Bloom and Fly. We will create captivating and non-traditional images about human life. Whether you want to become a mixed media artist or fill your sketchbook with fun ideas, sign up for Innovative Portraits!

This class is especially for you who wants to …

… increase artistic looseness and move away from flat facial stereotypes
… stop controlling the face with lines and learn how to use shapes with style
… invent ideas for portraits so that you never wonder what to put in the background
… not just create the staring face but to express the dimensions of human life through portraits

If you find a human face fascinating and want to expand your ideas about it, you don’t want to miss this class!

1) Modern Women

Innovative Portraits, an online art class by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet.

In October, we will create stylish and modern abstract portraits.
We will play with geometric shapes, modern surface patterns and bright colors. You will learn to simplify and stylize.

2) Female Superheroes

Innovative Portraits, an online art class by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet.

In November, we will create visually rich and dynamic power figures.
We will discover personal symbols and find ways to include them in portraits. You will learn to add more depth and flow.

3) Rising Stars

Innovative Portraits, an online art class by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet.

In December, we will create ethereal spirits that glow quiet power.
We will use light and shadows so that they will intensify the expression. You will learn to blend and use color gradients.

Your Mentor – Paivi Eerola

Paivi Eerola and her portrait painting. Sign up for her class Innovative Portraits!

I am a full-time fine artist from Finland. I believe that we all have personal superpowers that can be translated into our art. Innovating new approaches to ordinary things is one of mine. In this class, I teach you to paint and draw one of the oldest subject – human faces – so that you can be as minimal or as maximal as you like without falling into the trap of just repeating the same old thing.

Innovative Portraits – Class Schedule and Live Gatherings

October 1: Lesson 1
October 10: Lesson 2 + Live Session at 7 PM BST (11 AM PDT)
November 1 – Lesson 3
November 6 – Lesson 4 + Live Session at 7 PM GMT (11 AM PST)
December 1– Lesson 5
December 12 – Lesson 6 + Live Session at 7 PM GMT (11 AM PST)

Each of the lessons contains a PDF document and a video. The first lesson of the month is about sketching ideas to practice the techniques and to expand your idea storage.  The second lesson of the month is the bigger project that takes you forward from the sketches. Live sessions are online gatherings where Paivi introduces the bigger project and where we chat about the recent lessons together. Live sessions will be recorded so you can watch them later if you can’t make it.

Mixed Media – Use Your Stash!

Innovative Portraits, an online art class by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet.

You can use any art supplies for the projects. For sketchbooks, Paivi uses regular graphite pencils and colored pencils. For bigger projects, she uses thick paper (for example, smooth watercolor paper), acrylic paints, oil pastels, colored pencils, and regular graphite pencils. The mixed media approach that we will use in the class makes it possible to use different kinds of supplies together.

Bloom and Fly art community by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet

Community and Weekly Personal Feedback – You Are Not Alone!

For the duration of the class, you will get access to Bloom and Fly Facebook group where you can interact with other members, share your work, and get access to weekly feedback. Every Tuesday, you have the opportunity for in-depth feedback from Paivi on any your art project. The feedback includes written or visually presented suggestions. The more active you are along the weeks, the more in-depth feedback you will get as Paivi gets to know you.

Technology Needed + Refund Policy

All the information and services are provided in electronic format. You will need Internet access and an email account. To participate in the Facebook group, you will need a Facebook account. To upload your art to the group, you will need a camera or a scanner, at least a phone camera. To participate in the live sessions, you will need a compatible browser (Google Chrome or Firefox, or a free mobile app) and a free account to a live streaming service. You will get more instructions via email on setting up your account before the first session. If you download live session recordings or videos, you will also need an application to view and download MP4 videos. Usually, these applications are already on your computer. If you download the material onto your computer by the end of December 2018, you can get back to them even if the class is over. If you cancel the class before September 1st (PDT), your payment will be refunded. After the class has started, all the sales are final.

Yes, I Want to Get Innovative with Portraits!

Price: 85 EUR
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