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Create Collage Art to Build Your Visual Dreamland

Collageland – A class for you who loves decorative textiles but wants to save time and effort by creating with pens and paper. Rather than trying to succeed and capture your style through a single project, start exploring your creativity as a process, designing your visual dreamland one stroke at a time! Price 39/59/82 EUR depending on your “ticket” >> Buy Now!

Add Richness to Your Artistic Expression

Bloom and Fly – A community for you who wants to move away from step-by-step tutorials and add more expressive quality to your art. Explore yourself, discover new ideas and approaches, deliver compelling visual messages, and add the finishing touches that make the difference. Price: April-June 59 EUR >> Buy Now!

Online Art Workshops & Artist Coaching – Coming Up in 2018

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July-Sept 2018 Watercolor Journey
Get inspired by painting sceneries! We will create a series of loose watercolor paintings using a variety of techniques. Along creating, we share memories and dreams of inspirational places and cultures whether they exist in the inner or the outer world.

Sept-Nov 2018 The Exploring Artist
A coaching program for you who wants to become more clear about what kind of artist you are. 
This coaching is for you who wants to become more confident in calling yourself as an artist and for you who wants to become more open about your art, for example, start sharing your art in social media, blogging about art, selling your originals and prints, teaching classes, etc.

Self-Study Classes – Grow Your Skills at Your Own Pace!

Inspirational Drawing 2.0 - Now available as self-study!
Inspirational Drawing 2.0 – Liberate your line and feel the art that you create! Now available as self-study! Price: 109 EUR.  >> Buy Now!

Planet Color - Easy start for Abstracts - A painting class by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet
Planet Color – Easy 7-step method for painting abstract art. Now available as self-study! Price: 35 EUR >> Buy Now!

Past Online Art Classes

Floral Fantasies in Three Styles 5-week online workshop. Paint and draw flowers like never before, including old masters’ painting techniques! Supplies: pens, watercolors, acrylic paints. Focus: floral art, art styles. Fun: experimenting with various artists’ mindsets.
Nature in Your Mind, 5-week online workshop. Find a natural connection between your brush and your mind! Supplies: acrylic paints. Focus: painting techniques, nature themes, processing intuition. Fun: combining new techniques and approaches with your current art-making process
Liberated Artist 4-week online workshop. Create compelling art by painting with the flow! Supplies: watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils. Focus: painting, personal expression, visual principles, adding meaning to your art Fun: the weekly excitement of solving visual mysteries

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