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With my classes, you will:
1) become enthusiastic about your art and hooked about creating
2) learn visual communication so that you can express yourself impactfully
3) widen your perspective in art so that your imagination sees possibilities everywhere

In the classes that include community, you will get personal feedback, interesting discussions, and support from like-minded artists. You will discover the strengths that make your art fascinating not only to you but to those who see your art as well.

Welcome along!

Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet, a coach for emerging artists

Online Art Classes – Grow as an Artist with a Community!

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The Exploring Artist, 12-week coaching program for artists. Build your artistic identity from imagination to skills, from skills to impact. This coaching is especially for you who wants to make more impact with your art whether you want to start sharing your art in social media, blogging about art, selling, teaching local or online classes, etc.
Floral Fantasies in Three Styles, 8-week online workshop. Let flowers make you an imaginative artist! Main supplies: felt-tipped pens, watercolors, acrylic paints. Focus: Expressing and experimenting with flowers. Fun: Stepping into the roles of different kinds of artists.
Planet Color
, 2-week online workshop. Release your mind by focusing on color! Main supplies: acrylic paints, watercolors Focus: painting, colors, abstracts, composition. Fun: playing with colors by following a 7-step process.
Nature in Your Mind, 5-week online workshop. Find a natural connection between your brush and your mind! Main supplies: acrylic paints. Focus: painting techniques, nature themes, processing intuition. Fun: combining new techniques and approaches with your current art making process

Liberated Artist 4-week online workshop. Create compelling art by painting with the flow! Main supplies: watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils. Focus: painting, personal expression, visual principles, adding meaning to your art Fun: the weekly excitement of solving visual mysteries

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