Color the Emotion

Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

Drawing Factory

Overcome Your Fears for Line Drawing!

Move From Stick Figures to Flowing Shapes and Imaginative Illustrations!

Drawing Factory - a mini-course to start from easy line drawings and move on to creating imaginative illustrations

Drawing Factory
is a self-study art journaling class including:
– 30-minute edited video including an inspiring drawing lesson + step-by-step instructions for a Japan-inspired illustration
– 4-page PDF file with complementary tips

From easy line drawings to imaginative illustrations. See this mini-course by Peony and Parakeet!

This mini-course is especially for you who wants to overcome your fears for drawing and make your own coloring pages! With this mini-course, you can create big and rich illustrations but also smaller easy line drawings to decorate your planner, journal or any piece of paper! You will also get tips for quick coloring and lively colors.

Required Art Supplies

– A black thin-tipped drawing pen, tip width 0,4-0,8 mm. These can be brands like Micron, Staedtler and Pilot Permaball.
– Watercolors.
– Colored pencils.
– Markers (felt-tipped pens).
– Smooth drawing/watercolor paper or an art journal book of your liking.

Samples – Student Work

Drawing Factory, drawing mini-course by Peony and Parakeet, student artwork.


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Drawing Factory was published as a part of Imagine Monthly Fall 2016. The class is available in a bundle.
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