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Video Blog: Mix-and-Match Inspiration

Watercolor painting, finished with colored pencils and markers, by Peony and Parakeet. See the video of making this artwork starting from the search for inspiration!

It’s time for a video blog post again! I will be creating this watercolor painting on the video. At the same time you will see how I grab pieces of inspiration here and there and add them to my work.

In the beginning of the video I am sitting on the floor of my new art studio. We are renovating a spare room for making art, photographing and shooting videos. I will show you more photos once the room is finished.

Paivi from Peony and Parakeet and her beagle Stella in the new art studio.

Here’s that turquoise studio wall again and me and my younger beagle, Stella. She is a very pampered pet, the sunshine of my life, also called as Princess Stephanie!

I am wearing one of my latest handknits, a sweater knit from Finnish naturally dyed wool, bought from a small Finnish company Riihivilla. If you are interested in knitting, here’s another picture of the sweater and more information about it.

Hopefully you will enjoy the video! Have a wonderful weekend full of inspiration!

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23 thoughts on “Video Blog: Mix-and-Match Inspiration

  1. Just posted this link on Facebook, so I popped over to see you. I am so glad that I did! This piece is so beautiful, and I am privileged to have watch it come into being! Thank you!

  2. I really appreciate your teaching, and it is so inspiring. I do admire your style, allthough it is so different from what i do, and i try to learn your spontane way to work. To me the colours are the most important, i think it is the same to you, and that is the reason why i often cannot get things finished, i cannot make the focal point and ends up with a beautiful background. But perhaps i should try to do like you, and let the background be the focal point.

  3. That video was wonderful. I’m going to try some classical music this weekend and give your technique a whirl. I don’t quite have your vision but am inspired to try.

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