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14 Answers about Creating Art

14 Answers about Creating Art - 14 short videos by Peony and Parakeet

14 DAYS – 14 ANSWERS about creating art! To celebrate my upcoming workshop Inspirational Drawing, I have been publishing a new video every day for two weeks. These videos are short answers to the questions people usually ask from me. The last one is about artistic growth: how to prevent being stuck and keep on growing. Watch the whole series!

#1 How to start?

#2 From Mind to Paper

#3 Not As Good As Them

#4 Inner Critic

#5 Disappointment

#6 Avoiding Stiffness

#7 Finishing Artwork

#8 Artistic Talent

#9 Less Realism

#10 Too Messy

#11 More Beauty

#12 Popularity 

#13 Personal Style

#14 Artistic Growth

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5 thoughts on “14 Answers about Creating Art

  1. Thank you, Paivi. These videos are exciting, as are all of your blog entries. I have recently retired and need to spend time actually drawing instead of looking. After drawing and coloring ffor a while, I will then be ready for one of your classes to learn more about myself. For now, it is all new and exciting. Thank you.

  2. absolutely love all of these videos paivi — I love your easy to follow step by step methods — thanks a million

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