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5 Steps to an Abstract Landscape

http://Soil, Sun and Rain, a mixed media painting by Peony and Parakeet

Let’s paint together! The idea for this painting came from nature. Have you noticed that when the sun shines after the rain, everything sparkles! It’s so beautiful!

Snowbells after the rain, in Finland

Soil, the sun and rain – even if they are different from one another, they all work together to make plants prosper. In the painting, the soil is made with colored pencils, the sun with acrylic paints and the rain with watercolors. These art supplies are so basic but they also work so well together! Watch the video and create your own abstract landscape – “Soil, Sun and Rain”!

More instructions for watercolors: Buy Watercolor 101 for Intuitive Painting

23 thoughts on “5 Steps to an Abstract Landscape

  1. This is so beautiful – haven’t seen anything like this before and it is truly Paivi work. Of course I see things in it but am thrilled that the lake or whatever body of water I’m seeing was left to my imagination. You didn’t complete all the parts of the painting and that really makes magic for your viewer. Living in Florida, I can see the marsh filled coastline at sunrise with channels cut in by the fishing boats. I’m sure your vision was something completely different but just as beautiful and meaningful to you. So beautiful and I can’t wait for class!

    1. Thanks, Mary! I think that these kind of magical nature experiences happen all over the world, the actual scenes might be different, but the emotional experience is the same.

      1. I just realized something else – when I first looked at the painting, my eyes went directly to the water which is really in the background. I hardly noticed the flowers out front. When I looked again several hours later, I saw all the vibrant flowers and they really covered the waterfront. I strained to pick out the channels cut by the boats and thought maybe it was a different painting. Then I looked again today and can clearly see all the parts but am amazed at what draws me in is different depending on the day or time I look. Another reason why I love your work.

        1. Thanks, Mary! I am a big believer of finishing the artwork so that wherever you look you will notice something new or be led to those areas. That’s what my next class focuses on.

  2. Love this combination art media technique Paivi. Unfortunately I will be in India for the month of November so hopefully you will run this new amazing class again in the new year. Big hugs
    Chris (Australia)

  3. Oh, Paivi you have done it again. You never seize to amaze me, I look at your work and just am carried away to a dream place.
    So many times I have tried to do as you do, but I get a mess when I am finished. This time, I think I might be able to follow your, painting better. I try to put all the drawings in the backgrounds and it never turns out like yours and I get discouraged.
    I am going to do it this time. Not copying you but following your guide lines.
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work. I love it and you. I will not be able to take the class but thanks for taking the time for the painting to give us an idea into your class.
    Good luck in all you do. You are appreciated!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Yes, I think for many finishing is as much of a problem than experiencing the freedom of creating. One reason why I developed the workshop!

  4. Wow, that was amazing to watch. I never would have thought to mix those mediums together! I love your landscape. Thank you for sharing the process.

  5. what a beautiful combinations of color, mediums and techniques. Very sci-fi (science fiction) looking. A planet of abstract images and colors. Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Sandi! I find your comment most interesting as science was one subject that I thought when I was creating the workshop and this painting was made at the same time!

  6. Hieno video! Tuleeko tuota kurssia ensi vuoden puolella? Nyt ajan vie joulukuun puoleenväliin asti nukkemuotoilun kurssi Jyväskylässä…

  7. In my experience of taking on- line classes, Paivi, is the only instructor who gives personal feedback. This was extremely helpful to me, not to mention the fact that she took time to share her knowledge. I learned so much in Inspirational Drawing, Paivi has a way of passing on and presenting knowledege in a manor that is easy to follow, I wish the class could continue on. The dialogue between students was also enjoyable.

    1. Lorraine, thanks so much! I enjoy teaching tremendiously! One benefit for having an online class vs. a self-study one is that it’s possible to give personal guidance. I like to follow the development my students make during the class and make sure they will move on to the direction they feel most natural and most satisfying.

  8. This is just wonderful Paivi!! Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait for your class to start!!

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