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Abstract Portrait – Paint with Me!

An abstract portrait by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet. Watch the video with Paivi's tips and instructions!

Here’s a quick abstract portrait from my sketchbook, painted with acrylic paints in 45 minutes. I didn’t use any reference photos for this one but just played with the shapes.

Create an Abstract Portrait – Watch the Video!

Get tips, ideas, and inspiration for your abstract portrait. Watch the video!

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Innovative Portraits, drawing faces and portraits in mixed media. An online art class by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet

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6 thoughts on “Abstract Portrait – Paint with Me!

  1. She is looking into her memory. She sees the open door to a house then just beyond, a bedroom. There is the corner of a bed with a blue foot blanket folded on the foot of the bed. Also there is a chest at the foot of the bed. The corner of the living room is showing with a tasseled carpet underfoot and a tall pole lamp shining down on the carpet. (This could also be her earing.) At the far back wall is a window with a curved top that opens out to a dark landscape just like the front door opens to the dark. She has a pink chandelier hanging in her bedroom just like the pink painted bottom of the front door which is painted light coral on the top. (The door must be a dutch farm door.) A mixture of darks and brights in her past. She doesn’t look sad, just reminiscing. All this I see in that tiny bright space between her ear and the darkness at the right edge of the painting. To me, the true magic of your work is the stories my brain can tell when gazing at them. You always let me finish the painting with something I create in my head. You are amazing.

  2. Really like this ….. pixilated look….love. As always your little detail bits make it amazing.

  3. Love your teaching style Paivi – a wholistic artistic experience. Thank you for sharing this video.

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