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Adventurous Art is Like an Action Movie

This week, I show you my newest painting and talk about the adventurous side of art.

Yön kuningatar (Queen of the Night), 80 x 100 cm, oil on canvas, by Päivi Eerola, Finland.
Yön kuningatar (Queen of the Night), 80 x 100 cm, oil on canvas

I am not a big fan of action movies. I love their beginnings when the sun shines, and everything is fine but leave the sofa when something terrible happens. Then things get out of control, cars get faster than they should be, people lose their relaxed look, and the life that appeared so organized first falls apart. Some fly up towards the darkness while others fall down. Nothing is like it should be. Everything requires movement and action in that disturbed world.

However, when I paint, I always end up in an action movie. So for me, a painting can only start by facing fears. It’s like carefully opening the curtain and trying to adjust the mind to tolerate the rough surroundings first, then find the beauty and spirit in them.

Facing the Fears – Starting a Painting

For years I searched for my artistic voice from things I loved. But ironically, I found my tone in the things that feel appalling. So, like a young man who sits down and picks the next action movie from Netflix, I go to my studio, fill the palette and hear the opening notes.

Creating adventurous art. Starting a painting - studio view.

Unlike the man, I have never wanted to be an action hero, and still, I sail against the storm with only a few brushes as my companion. Before the first high point of the movie, the man thinks he should do something different, clean the dishes, or read a good book. And similarly, I question if this profession of mine is sensible at all. After all, it’s only the paint that I maneuver when the others keep the world going.

Creating adventurois and intuitive art. Brushwork.

But then, like the man, I get immersed in the adventure. He is no longer a young bloke without the skills of an action hero, and similarly, I am no longer a middle-aged woman. There’s this dangerous jungle, and we are on a mission to clear the mess and make justice.

Telling the Story Under the Surface

Like in an action movie, the violent and cold setting hides another layer – vulnerability. The story behind an action hero is always heart-breaking. He has lost or left a loved one or protects someone he values.

Painting in progress. The diversity of strokes.

At best, the painting is not only full of action but brings up what’s behind the sharp strokes.

Dealing with Distractions

Just when the movie reaches the climax, something mundane happens.

Studio dog.

The young man’s phone rings, the washing machine peeps, or the dog wants to go out. “Just when everything began to unfold!” I shout with him.

Studio view. Painting in progress.

But sooner or later, we return to the movie, enjoy the freedom, and finally reach the happy ending. When the adventure is over, our minds are a bit empty, but that is what action movies do. They take you to another place and reset your mind.

Creating Adventurous Art is About Producing Too

Being a painter is still a little different. Instead of only passively watching, you are also actively creating. While enjoying the freedom, you also produce it. You design the environment, act on all the roles, and direct the plot. It takes time to learn all that.

Painting adventurous art.

However, I feel that the best adventures are revealed by painting.

Yön kuningatar (Queen of the Night), a detail. Abstract art by Päivi Eerola, Finland.

When flowers can then be the actors, not just silent models, a flower painting is far from boring.

Päivi Eerola and her oil painting Queen of the Night (Yön kuningatar).
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What do you think? What does adventurous art mean to you?

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  1. Your painting is beautiful, and I love learning about your process. The comparison with an action movie is fascinating.

  2. I love your thought process and your art Paivi. It’s always a happy day when you pop up in my emails😘

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