Color the Emotion

Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

Animal Inkdom

Express wildlife’s magic by doodling, drawing, and coloring!

Draw Playful Wildlife You Love

Embellish a notebook with your animal favorites, draw collage pieces, and make fantastic wildlife illustrations!

Animal Inkdom is especially for you who wants to …

… start small and grow drawing skills step by step – the class is suitable for beginners too!
… get creative with ink drawing techniques and play between fantasy and realism
… learn simple guidelines to quickly draw more realistically
… use your imagination by decorating animals with doodles and motifs
… become more enthusiastic and confident about drawing and coloring

I think the best part is that I am really discovering who I am as an artist. I will never paint a realistic painting, but have learned enough to believe I could illustrate a kids’ book!

Sally Johnson, USA

Create Your Animal Inkdom in Five Parts!

You will get 26 inspirational videos and a complimentary 37-page document for more tips and ideas immediately after the purchase.

Animal Inkdom, Lesson 1 - Bees and Butterflies

Lesson 1 – Bees and Butterflies

We will draw imaginative insects with wings and beautify them with flowers.

Animal Inkdom, Lesson 2 - Love for Birds

Lesson 2 – Love for Birds

We will draw birds and feathers and show our love by adding hearts, desserts, and doodles.

Animal Inkdom, Lesson 3 - Glittering Sealife

Lesson 3 – Glittering Sealife

We will draw whales, turtles, fish, and corals, and embellish them with splashes, drops, stars, and jewels.

Animal Inkdom, Lesson 4 - Furry Wisdom

Lesson 4 – Furry Wisdom

We will draw geometric symbols that include furry and clever mammals like foxes, wolves, squirrels, monkeys, bears, and wild cats.

Animal Inkdom, Lesson 5 - Safari Ride

Lesson 5 –  Safari Ride

We will draw deer, zebras, giraffes, llamas, camels, elephants, etc. and dress them with hand-drawn knits, fabrics, and tassels.

I‘ve not done animals before and you made it so easy by breaking things down into shapes. I’m not fond of insects so enjoyed the other modules more. Lots of fun! It was like being a kid again – and that was many, many moons ago! I highly recommend this class.

Sue Jorgensen, Australia

All of the lessons are a treasure trove of information, fun and interesting to watch and make drawing animals accessible. Previously, I didn’t realize I could create beautiful animal works, but Paivi makes it so easy to follow along and she gives good tips and advice to refine your technique as you go. She is one of the best art teachers in the online world, the real deal. Your art I.Q. will expand by leaps and bounds if you listen to what she says. And you will want to take every class she has to offer.

Kim Reuben, USA

Bonus: Membership for Art Community Bloom and Fly!

With the class, you will also get a basic membership for the Facebook group, where you can share your work and have conversations with fellow artists. This membership is for the end of 2024, so you can continue drawing and sharing for the whole year.

Supplies – Pens and Paper!

Supplies for Animal Inkdom - Pen and Paper

At the minimum, you will need a pen and paper.
A thin-tipped black ink drawing pen (for example, Copic Multiliner 0.3) and smooth paper are recommended but you can start with any pen and paper and grow your arsenal with the class.

These can also be useful:

  • White correction pen or fluid for covering small accidents.
  • A variety of drawing pens (for example, Copic Multiliners from 0.05 to 1.0)
  • A black brush pen if you want to quickly ink large areas (for example, Copic Multiliner with a small brush tip)
  • Colored pencils and/or watercolors for coloring.
  • A pencil and an eraser for sketching if you feel unsure at the beginning.
  • gel medium or paper glue if you want to make collages
  • Photos of your favorite wild animals for reference.
Animal Inkdom, an online art class by Paivi Eerola of Peony and Parakeet

Animal Inkdom isn’t about perfecting every line but building a world of imagination inspired by wild animals, motifs, and patterns. You can start small and then move toward bigger illustrations.

This class inspired me to open up more to my imagination and sense of playfulness, while still challenging and growing my style and creativity.

Catherine Cale, USA
Animal Inkdom, an online art class by Paivi Eerola of Peony and Parakeet

Yes, I want to start drawing!

Price: 79 EUR 67 EUR (about 73 USD)
The summer sale ends on July 31st, 2024, at midnight PDT.

Pay with a credit card or PayPal.

Technology Needed + Refund Policy

All the information and services are provided in electronic format. You will need Internet access and a personal email account. The document is in PDF format, and the videos are offered as a streaming service. You can access the material as long as you want if you download the document and the videos to your computer within 6 months after the purchase. If you download videos, you will also need an application to view and download MP4 videos. You have to be over 18 to join the Bloom and Fly community. All sales are final.

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