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Art Exhibition in Villa Albert

This week, I have photos from the group exhibition I am currently participating. It’s called Taiteilijat Edelfeltin tunnelmissa – artists in the mood of Edelfelt. And here are four of us from left to right: photographer Niclas Warius, painters Kristina Elo and me, and another photographer Maarit Lehto. The sculptor Kaj Lindgård is also in the exhibition, but missing in the photo.

Photographer Niclas Warius, painters Kristina Elo and Päivi Eerola, and another photographer Maarit Lehto. The artist of the group exhibition in Villa Albert.
Photo by Mika Lindqvist.

The red wooden cottage in the background is a summer studio of the famous Finnish painter Albert Edelfelt (1854-1905). It is in the possession of a private foundation Albert Edelfeltin säätiö that cherishes the memory of Edelfelt. Even if it’s just a small cottage, the location in Southern Finland is beautiful – near the sea and very near Porvoo, which is a small town popular with tourists.

Haikko, Porvoo, Finland. The forest path to Villa Albert.

Albert Edelfelt painted here in summer and then went to France for winters.

Albert Edelfelt's summer studio in Porvoo.

When you look at the studio from the sea, you can see the gallery Villa Albert behind it. The foundation built it in 2019.

Albert Edelfelt's summer studio in Porvoo.

The gallery is a nice space with a small shop as well. All visitors who come to see Edelfelt’s studio, come first to the gallery to buy the tickets.

Villa Albert, museum shop

The head person of the gallery Hanna Kaarina Syrjäläinen is very skilled at hanging the exhibitions. I was so satisfied with how my paintings were displayed. Here an editor of a local magazine interviews me before the opening.

Artist Paivi Eerola's interview at Villa Albert.
Photo by Mika Lindqvist.

The foundation organizes concerts and other cultural events in the gallery. I think my paintings look great behind the grand piano!

I had 12 paintings in this space and four minis in a separate showcase.

Paivi Eerola's paintings at Villa Albert.

The gallery was full in the opening. The gallerist made a lovely speech about the exhibition.

Artists Maarit Lehto, Päivi Eerola, Kristina Elo, Niclas, Warius and the gallerist Hanna Kaarina Syrjäläinen. Opening of the exhibition at Villa Albert. Photo by Tiina Apilo.
Photo by Tiina Apilo.

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of the other artists’ pieces, but do visit these websites to see their work:

It is an honor to be in the company of these artists!

I had a good time in the opening meeting new people who like this kind of art that has a connection to art history.

The artist Paivi Eerola talks about her work at Villa Albert. Photo by Tiina Apilo.
Photo by Tiina Apilo

After working on the paintings alone for a long time, it’s so nice to hear what others see in them and tell about the creation process that started early this year.

At the opening of an art exhibition. The artist Paivi Eerola talks about her work. Photo by Tiina Apilo.
Photo by Tiina Apilo

My paintings were mostly from this year, but there were some from the last year. I think it is a cohesive collection and as a whole, maybe best what I have presented so far.

Finnish artist Päivi Eerola and her paintings at Villa Albert, Haikko, Porvoo, Finland.
Photo by Mika Lindqvist

The exhibition continues until October 1st, so if you are in Finland this fall, do visit the Albert Edelfelt Studio Museum Villa Albert!

P.S. See the previous posts to see the paintings more closely. I still have a couple of pieces to show you, and now I feel the urge to draw, so more art to come in the next weeks as well!

24 thoughts on “Art Exhibition in Villa Albert

  1. Your beautiful paintings look wonderful in the gallery – congratulations on the show!

  2. Wonderful! Your art seems perfectly suitable to that lovely place. They are so lively and vivid. Like gorgeous nature outdoor your art makes a magic trick inside.

  3. Päivi, your paintings look perfect on the walls behind the piano, to me they are a hymn to the Finnish countryside. I have been lucky to visit Finland and the nature around Helsinki. It had a profound effect on me, in a way no other nature has. It is so peacefully glorious. Your paintings take me back to those feelings.
    Congratulations on a beautiful showing.

  4. What a lovely place for Albert Edelfelt to paint, and so wonderful that his cabin is now a gallery for other Finnish artists to display their beautiful artwork. Yours looks like all the nature surrounding his cabin. Thank you for sharing this history and other artists so we are able to enjoy those precious moments. Congratulations on your exhibition!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS… It looks like a lovely gallery …I can well imagine the musical ambience alongside your gorgeous flowing artwork … Such a grand display !!!

  6. Hi Paivi, it is as if your paintings belong there. Wish i could someday see them and the beautiful surroundings life. Because of following you as an artist Finland in top 3 of wanting to visit. Congrats on the exhibition!

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