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Art Journal Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

Every time I buy a new blank sketchbook, I get the feeling that I should not make a mess on it. But then, my art journals are meant for maintaining artistic inspiration, and messy making is part of that too. I often create pages in many phases and my art journals are never perfect in a way that they would have high-quality art all over. But I think that the imperfections make the books more approachable and more inspiring.

On this video, I show pages of my two Moleskine sketchbooks. If you are new to art journaling or would like to introduce this wonderful hobby to your friend or relative, share the video!

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15 thoughts on “Art Journal Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

  1. Each separate page is so colorful and delightful, but taken all together as you flip through the pages of the journal, it all becomes magical.

  2. I’m so glad that I took a few minutes to watch this video. I’m amazed and the design, the colors, the creativity. This journal is truly lovely and inspiring. My immediate thought was, “Well, I wouldn’t ever be able to do this — ever.” But then my positive, smiling self said, “Lynda, that’s why you want to take this class, she is going to teach you.” Thanks for sharing your skills, talent and love of journaling.

  3. Good Morning, Paivi…I love the video of your artwork. Thank you for sharing!
    I received my order from you and wanted to write a review but didn’t know how to do it on your blog. The Folk Bag I ordered from your Etsy shop was all that I hoped it would be….beautifully made and exactly what I wanted in knitting, crocheting and fabric work. Your postcards are so high quality and colorful and so YOU…love them. Thank you again for keeping me inspired to keep creating. Have a wonderful day! Hugs

  4. That is just it, fear of that blank page and I’m sure all of us experience that, especially us that are just beginning this wonderfully creative journey.
    Lovely inspiration! Lovely pages of colour! Works of art. Thank you for sharing this with all of us, it helps.

    1. Thanks, Sue! I just talked with a fellow artist and we agreed that many fears will disappear by just starting. We often learn more by doing and I hope that my blog and my classes will make creating a habit that will bring more and more joy and satisfaction!

  5. I just asked about this! I am frozen! My pages are so sticky, takes forever to dry and then the pages warp. I believe this us part if my perfectionism! I always feel like i am doing something wrong! Belueve me, i do not imagine pages like yours although i certainly live yhem!

    1. Molly, I believe that analytical thinking belongs to the art making but it is important to learn ways to channel that so that it will become beneficial and that we can feel free and show liberated lines too. That theme is a lot in focus at Inspirational Drawing. (And for those who struggle with warped pages: For many it is easier to start with simple supplies like colored pencils as they don’t have the unpredictability of painted layers.)

  6. You are so inspiring! I keep forgetting a journal is for capturing thoughts and ideas………and feelings. ( Not finished , exhibit ready, art work) What a difference that makes in finding JOY in my artwork. Your class was amazing .

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