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Video: Full Art Journal Flip Through!

Peony and Parakeet's full art journal. See the art journal flip through video!

There are two special moments in art journaler’s life: starting a new art journal and finishing one. As the latter is much rarer, I am happy to announce that I have just finished this journal! I truly feels a small victory!

From Decorative to Expressive

A spread in Peony and Parakeet's full art journal. See the art journal flip through video!

I purchased this Smash book in 2014 and intended to make it fashion and textile oriented. It has a lot of those, but also other stuff like little paintings, a few cards that I have wanted to save, and some collages that include photos. When I started this journal, I was very much into decorative style and the book has a lot of hand-decorated papers in it. Now, when I look back, I no longer see decorations as a self-purpose but a channel to move forward. Once I have got my imagination going, I have been able to move to create more expressive art.

A spread in Peony and Parakeet's full art journal. See the art journal flip through video!

Art Journal Flip Through

Many pages of this art journal are a bit clumsy but I still wanted to celebrate the finished journal. I also think that this kind of “collage book” contains quite a lot of ideas that you can use in your art journal too.  So I created a flip-through video for you to watch. Hopefully it will inspire you to art journal every week, even if it’s just one little circle on the corner of a page.

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36 thoughts on “Video: Full Art Journal Flip Through!

  1. This journal is so beautiful! I love the colors and the movement. I would love to take one of your courses, but haven’t decided which one yet. Soon for sure. Love your work and appreciate you sharing and giving so much of yourself.

  2. Oh, Paivi! This is so wonderful! It does inspire me greatly! You hold a huge place is my creative life right now and I am very thankful for you and your generosity to share your art and talents with others.

  3. I just wanted to echo Elaine Wirthlin’s comment. I could not have expressed it better. Am fascinated by your rows of trees in different colors throughout your journal. How did you do those?

    1. Thank you, Nancy! I might have saved the instructional images, I have to look! If I can find them, I will make a blog post about it during the fall.

  4. That was beautiful. I see lots of inspiration in your pages. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Stunning journal, Paivi! Your work is truly unique and very inspiring. Thank you for continuing to share your work with us…

  6. Thank you for sharing your lovely journal. Your Artwork is truly inspiring and your teaching style is also full of inspiration, guidance and knowledge.

  7. No one makes a video as viewable as you, Paivi. The pace is slow enough to allow gazing and appreciation. Thank you for sharing this beautiful book!

  8. Thank you for the beautiful view of your journal Paivi. I really enjoyed it!

  9. I absolutely love your journal and so pleased that you shared it with us. Thank you too, for your wonderful courses. I look at things so differently now. Looking forward to the next one!

  10. Thank you for sharing your Journal with us. Your attention to the details within a page result in fabulous displays. I also liked the way you focused on a small section of each page so the detail work could be better viewed and appreciated.

  11. Absolutely beautiful! This is by far the loveliest journal I’ve ever seen! Thank you for sharing it!

  12. Dearest Pavi,
    I don’t know if you will remember me, but we communicated during the spring of 2013 as I was in bed for many months with a reconstructive foot surgery. I teach beginning and advanced art at a middle school (ages 11-13) in Huntington Beach, California. You were such a source of inspiration, and, as a former commercial interior designer, business executive, and now a teacher, I too am passionate about combining the logical brain with the creative brain. My focus with my students is the critical importance of creativity. You are brilliant, and your work deeply touches my heart. I have shared your beautiful work with nearly 200 students every year since. I hope to meet you one day as I believe we are kindred spirits.
    Pavi, do you sell any of your original art? It would bring me such incredible joy to have one of your pieces in my home.
    Thank you for inspiring us all!

  13. that is the best SMASH book anyone has created. it is not only beautiful but speaks to us from your soul with such deep emotion and kindness.

  14. Really wonderful! It is so rich in color and detail and it all just sings! It truly is an accomplishment and it’s obvious that it was a labor of love. Thank you for sharing your work Pavi!

  15. thank you for sharing this beautiful journal — I especially liked the close up details — and I always enjoy the music —

  16. gorgeous book! The crazy patchwork page blew my mind! Absolutely amazing! WOW!

  17. Oh Paivi, thank you for sharing your incredible journal. Your work is so inspiring.

    1. Dana, in addition to Imagine Monthly Fall I will have a new intensive online workshop in October. More info within a month!

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