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Art Journaling for Organized Person

Art Journal Inspiration for an Organized Person, by Peony and Parakeet

I wonder how many people have given up art journaling because they are not mess makers. Who says your art journal has to be a mess? Just draw a simple structure for a page and then have fun coloring and writing what ever comes to your mind! Don’t be afraid of starting art journaling, this page layout gets you going!

Art Journaling for an organized person, a sample page layout, by Peony and Parakeet

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9 thoughts on “Art Journaling for Organized Person

  1. Love this suggestion – I tend to be more organized and can’t write and draw/paint on the same page — this would allow it!

  2. Paivi–Thank you for all the helpful information you give so freely. You make this world a gentler and more colorful place.

  3. I have several journals and this style is like my in the mood journal, which got its name from when Im in the mood to do some writing.My messy is for playing in and often has the how to page next to it.

  4. I love this idea. all this is rather new to me and sometimes a little more structure in it would be nice.
    Yes, I think I can use this idea too, thanks for sharing.

  5. This is a wonderful idea to use with a journal that you keep for appointments and documenting To Do’s and To Done’s. By drawing a little every day, it gets easier and more fun. I may make one for my granddaughter to keep track of things. By drawing the boxes and adding dates, she can doodle when bored or try her hand at drawing or lettering days of the week. Thanks for a great little gift idea.

  6. I love this idea. I’m not typically a messy-style artist, although I so love the wild abandon of the look – it doesn’t come very naturally to me. Somewhere between that and this might be a great in-between where I can feel comfy.

  7. I was just making some appointments and when I saw this journal example I thought OH, I could make my own appointment/day planner doing this too! Looks like a fun way to create something special for yourself! Thanks!

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