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Art Nouveau Christmas!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas from Peony and Parakeet!

Thank you for following this blog, subscribing the weekly newsletter and purchasing my products! It’s time to enjoy the beauty of holiday decorations, relax, maybe pick a brush on a quiet moment and fly to the world of imagination. With this video, Art Nouveau Christmas, I wish you happy holidays!

45 thoughts on “Art Nouveau Christmas!

  1. Hieno video, wau!!! Musiikki sopii NIIN hyvin tunnelmaan vai tekeekö se sen tunnelman??? Anyway, Hilpeää Joulua!

    1. Kiitos, Paula – Thank you! Yritän aina valita musiikin huolella! — Paula commented that the music fits well with the video, I answered that I try to choose the music to my videos very carefully.

  2. Love the light in your work! And thanks for this lovely video! I enjoyed it and wish you days filled with Light, warmth and connection! Miranda

    1. Thank you so much, Miranda! I think that my work has the light because each year I experience the total darkness of Finnish winter. To make the light really pop you also need to experiment with the dark colors! Happy holidays to you, thanks for following!!

  3. That was beautiful, I love the light peering through. Also I loved the combo of the figure and your beautiful backgrounds. Just lovely. Happy Holidays to you.


  4. ohhhh Paivi-how beautiful! thank you for sharing this, it’s just what i needed at the start of my day. so peaceful and inspiring. i am so grateful to have found you this year. you have many gifts 🙂 and one is how you make us (me) feel less intimidated to create art, to have fun and enjoy the process. i wish you a very happy holiday as well. thank you for sharing your creativity-i am always inspired by what you share <3 jenny

  5. Many thanks for sharing your gifts with everyone. Your art is very inspiring and uplifting. So nice to enjoy a special quiet moment with you. Maureen

  6. I love the magical qualities in your art! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  7. Beautiful music and art from the heart. May you receive love and laughter through out the winter and beyond.

  8. Paivi, your video really took me to a wonderful place! Thank you so much for creating it and sharing it with us. Its beauty comes from inside you, that is evident to me. You are a true artist and a generous teacher.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  9. Oi kuinka ihanaa…
    Olet osannut valita juuri oikean musiikin tuomaan esille upean mieli”kuvituksesi”, kaikella tapaa lumoavaa. Täytyisi luottaa itseensä ja antaa itselleen armoa alkajaisiksi ja aloittaa luomisen työ. Eihän meidän kaikkien tarvitse pystyä yhtä hienoihin tuloksiin kanssasi…mutta ilo, energia ja kova luomisen tuska auttavat asiassa…

    Oikein armollista joulua Sinulle ja läheisillesi…


    1. Kiitos, Eija! Kaikilla meillä on omat “paikkamme”, jonne mielikuvitus voi meidät kuljettaa! Rohkeasti vain polulle ja lentoon!

  10. Thank you for this lovely gift. Your art is beautiful. Several times while watching the video I found myself transported to the wonderful garden of your imagination. You have touched and inspired me.

  11. Paivi, Thank you so much for this beautiful gift. It came at a time I needed it most. I shall treasure this always. You truly create from your heart. May you have a wonderful holiday and a beautiful New Year.

  12. Just returned from an exciting, exhausting trip to visit my grandsons and family for Christmas – to find this lovely moment of relaxation and peace. Thank you so much for an early Christmas present! May peace and happiness fill your life!

  13. Beautiful. So, nice and peaceful to sit a moment in the rush of trying to get everything completed today. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015!

  14. Thank you for the beautiful video! Christmas is over and the New Year approaches! May you have continued success as you share your marvelous talent with the world! I always look forward to your posts! Most inspiring! Happy New Year 2015!

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