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Artistic Vision

Who Do You Want to Be as an Artist?

Dive deeper into your artistic potential in a like-minded group.

Artistic Vision, group coaching for artists, led by Paivi Eerola

Artistic Vision is an 8-week self-leadership program for visual artists who have experimented with many styles and techniques but struggle with releasing their potential.

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Is This You?

Do you feel like there are several creators in you, fighting for time and energy? It’s fun to experiment with different styles and imitate successful artists, but without a vision, following others can take you away from your sense of aesthetics.

Even if you have created art for quite a long time, do you find it difficult to describe your style? Sometimes it’s playful, sometimes deep, and there are times when you only aim for beauty. You get inspired by many things, but rather than a mirror of who you are as an artist, your art often feels like a ping-pong game of ideas coming in and out without a stronger impact.

An artistic vision needs to be something that's close to your heart. By Paivi Eerola of Peony and Parakeet.

As an artist, you are a one-person creative production house, even if you didn’t always recognize it.

Focusing strictly on one thing seems to make sense, but it’s not a practical solution for creative people. Too much narrowing down takes out the joy of art-making and suffocates imagination. Instead of trying to manage your artistry through one factor, there can be a broader formula where play, beauty, expression, and success feed each other.

Your Coach – Paivi Eerola, Finland

A visual artist Paivi Eerola in her studio in Finland.

As a former Finnish computer engineer who started doodling over 10 years ago, I know the agony of guessing where to gear creative energy. At first, it was just about expanding from circles to squares, but when my skills grew, discovering my strengths and interests became a much bigger problem. I used to think that an artistic vision would naturally grow with art-making skills, but it’s not like that. I came to a point when I started working full-time in art, but still felt like I am no artist at all!

Based on my former experience in developing services in the business world, I realized that instead of only making and managing, I also need to be leading. It’s no use to have checklists, goals for daily practice, even shopping lists for supplies if you don’t have an artistic vision. Even your inner critic needs the vision. Your creative production house is just a factory when you don’t recognize what’s behind in different directions and decisions.

Making a beautiful mess.

“My garden is now finished,” I heard someone saying. If you are a gardener, you know how ridiculous that sounds! Gardens are never finished, they grow and change all the time. The same applies to artists. Being a work in progress is a normal thing, and your vision should take that into account. Your focus changes, your direction alters, but when you have a vision, you know if the change is big or small, or just regular wavering.

Build an Artistic Vision that Takes You from Inspiration to Action

Artistic Vision has three modules: Inspiration, Vision, and Action, We have 1-2-hour group sessions on Zoom and a private Facebook group for the interaction between the sessions. We will start by getting clear about all the inspiration that consciously or subconsciously affects your art. Then we will build a vision that supports your artistic growth and that you can check at a glance when you need a reminder. And last, we will create a simple and fun action plan that helps you to start taking the vision into practice. We will work with both words and images so that the interaction between them connects reason with intuition. The instructions for the exercises are in a written form.

Artist's tools from inspiration to action

Artistic Vision is an interaction-heavy, not a material-heavy program. It’s about growing self-leadership and directed to your inner work, not consuming outside resources. It’s for you who have been wondering alone more than brain-storming together.

Artistic Vision is based on a willingness to be open and support others in an intimate group. It’s different from one-on-one coaching because, in a group, it’s easier to see your own work from an outsider’s perspective. What you tell others is often applicable advice to yourself too. Intuition has a lot to say if we give time and space for it. Artistic Vision is about bringing out the wisdom that’s already in you and boost it with clarity and confidence.

The more active you are, the more you get from the program. Templates and directions for the vision are provided, but it’s expected that you do the actual writing and filling. Reserve plenty of time for pondering and at least three hours for the actual work between each session.

Creative pondering

Am I Qualified and Other Questions

How experienced do I have to be in art-making?
You need to have pieces outside classes. Classes are essential for growing skills, but for this program, we need to see what you create when you don’t follow step-by-step instructions.

What if I am a quilter, not a painter?
Your art can be any visual art, including textile art. We visual people all speak a common language.

Does this program include art-making?
Artistic vision is not about making new pieces. It’s based on what you have been creating so far. You can create new pieces during the program but it’s good to know that we artists often try to solve issues with lacking vision by creating new work instead of taking time to ponder and curate the work we have already made. So put your best energy into that and slow down with creating.

How ambitious do I have to be?
You need to want to move forward in art. Sometimes forward means inward, sometimes outward, but Artistic Vision is especially for you who wants to do both – to dive deeper into what makes you an artist and to share your art with the world.

I want to get more followers and sales. Is Artistic Vision for me?
Artistic Vision is not about learning social media algorithms or building an email list. However, without a vision, it’s difficult to be in business. When you don’t know what to post on social media or don’t have the stamina to grow buyers, it’s often a sign of a lacking vision. You need to know what you offer and to who. Business can be built around an artistic vision, but not vice versa. Art is not similar to a manufactured product. Even if you had a clear conception of what success looks like your art has its own way. In Artistic Vision, we work towards connecting these two.

I am not business-oriented at all but want a healing spiritual connection with my art. Is Artistic Vision for me?
Artistic vision is not a spiritual coaching program or therapeutic program. We do deal with things like our life’s story, the inner critic, and confidence, but so that art is in the center. In Artistic Vision, we believe in intuition and that there’s art beyond self-expression, but we also accept that art is a technical skill too. In the same way, we don’t bypass imagination. If you don’t play, there’s something lacking in your art no matter how serious and deep your goal would be.

I am a shy person and don’t want to show my face. Can I still join?
Artistic Vision is about becoming more confident to show up! We turn on the camera in the group sessions and connect each other eye to eye. Maybe this is the crucial step in your artistic growth – to connect with other artists and to lead yourself to show up?

I have already participated in your coaching program The Exploring Artist. Can I take this one too?
Yes! Artistic Vision is a new program that goes deeper into the vision and deals less with creating and execution. During the past years, I have built new strategic tools that have not been part of The Exploring Artist.

Artistic Vision, group coaching for visual artists.

Coming Up

To stay tuned, sign up for Paivi’s weekly emails!

Technology Needed and Refund Policy

All the information and services are provided in electronic format. You will need Internet access, a personal email account. For group sessions, you’ll need a free Zoom account and an audio and video connection. For the private Facebook group, you’ll need a free Facebook account. You also need photos of your art and basic skills to handle files. The exercises are in PDF format. You can access the material as long as you want if you download them to your computer within 6 months after the program ends. You have to be over 18 to sign up. The registration can be canceled if you do it before the program begins. After that, all sales are final.

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