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Beautiful Blog Post

This week is about creating beauty, and I have a beautiful blog post for you.

Pansies, pansies, pansies. An illustration for a beautiful blog post by Paivi Eerola.

Violets on an Adventure

Ten years ago, an old yard tiling gave us a surprise. Renovating it had been on our to-do list, but there had been other things to do in the house. But we were lucky.

Life in a pot, a detail.

The violets planted in the pot had looked at the tiling and its gaps with completely different eyes. What an opportunity for seeds! So, the following year, we were able to enjoy the glory of flowers in the surprising place.

Pansies give a beautiful surprise.

Creativity is a flower that wants to break free from its pot and get on an adventure. Abundance is allowed and ugliness can enable beauty. 

A beautiful blog post about real pansies and painting beautiful flowers.

A painting that starts with a few ugly brushstrokes can be decorated
to rich and beautiful.

Beautiful Decodashery

Paint beautiful flowers in the online class Decodashery. By Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet.

My online class Decodashery is about creating beauty that easily finds its purpose. This kind of art is not just fun to make but perfect for cards and gifts.

Decodashery is one of my personal favorites. The videos are inspiringly colorful and uplifting. You play with the tradition of decorative art and create beauty that people have always found attractive. >> Buy here!

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Blog Post

  1. I’m so enjoying this sweet workshop… ” Creativity is a flower that wants to break free from its pot and get on an adventure ” of its own. This quote made me laugh so hard. We moved from the west to the eastern province of Canada, acquiring a vintage Victorian house. I, of course, set out to plant all the flowers I loved the best. What a lesson I learned, as most of the flowers and shrubbery continually drooped and died. We added tilted-in new soil and nutrients and kept replanting in different locations, but nothing was working. In reality, I needed to stand back, observe, like you did with the little violets, retill and be patient. The old two-hundred-year-old house told me where and what was going to grow… Lilacs, hydrangea, iris, lily of the valley and of course, dandelions, not to mention a glorious fairy ring of mushrooms where an old outhouse used to be. So ‘ I beg your pardon,’ but the Grand Lady will have no fancy rose gardens. ( HaHa)

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment, Roslind! We also live in an old house and it has plants that belong to our garden because they have been there much longer than us.

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