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Beginner’s Video Art – Paintings Come Alive

This week, I have a video, but it’s different than what I have ever made so far.

A lot has happened in the last few months, and it has also changed my attitude towards life. I have come to believe in destiny. Usually, when I’ve looked back, I’ve seen my life as loose threads. I remember the words of a professor of control engineering from decades ago: “Miss Eerola, what are you aiming for with your studies?”

I finally have an answer for him, maybe he will read my blog from the afterlife and be pleasantly surprised.

Now I know why I have studied programming, vehicle navigation, robotics, control engineering, and industrial design with 3D modeling. Now I know why the boys playing computer games feel my tribe even though I don’t play at all. Now I know why the nerd in me didn’t die even when I was painting oil paintings day after day.

Unity editor view, beginner's video art.
A view from Unity Editor.

I have programmed this digital work using the Unity game engine. The video has two of my oil paintings in the background: Runaway Sun and Happy Earth.

Beginner’s Video Art

I’m still quite clumsy in this sport. so this is more of a practice piece than a fine video artwork. But I have learned from all art-making that it’s ok to be a beginner. And it’s ok to share pieces that are not the best of you, at least when you look at them after a while!

When my husband saw the video, he wasn’t very satisfied with the outcome. But I told him that it doesn’t really matter if you’re going on a long hike if the first gas station serves a modest meat pie. The journey is long and there will be plenty of experiences – at least if fate works as it has so far!

Thank you to the Finnish Cultural Foundation for the grant, which allows me to make digital art for many more months.

36 thoughts on “Beginner’s Video Art – Paintings Come Alive

  1. I think it’s amazing, and quite fascinating! I am so glad you shared it with us, Paivi!
    I teach drawing and watercolour. My work is basically all realism, but I absolutely love how you inspire us, and encourage us to look introspectively at why, and how, we create; and the deeper meanings that are often hidden to us – as well as all the fun and playtime!
    You have encouraged me to take risks, follow new ideas, and learn to fly. Thank you so much!

  2. This is absolutely incredible. How right you are: this a timely opportunity to marry your copious skills with your considerable creative flair. Well done, Päivi!

  3. Amazing to watch. I had never seen moving digital art before. I see soft as well as sharp areas that look like shards of glass. The movement is graceful, meditative and calming. I love the colors as well. I would watch this to meditate and to clear my mind of all thoughts and reduce stress. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. That’s an amazing video! I have been a graphic designer for 3 decades (and then some) and am just now really diving deeply into animation and motion graphics and I fully understand how seeing your art/design come alive and MOVE is truly a very exciting experience! Finding new ways to utilize different skills and incorporate entirely new skillsets with old one is very energizing and inspiring! I can’t wait to see what else develops!

  5. I feel like I am seeing into a universe of your artful expression.
    It is a live and so many dimensions. Fascinating to watch.

  6. I saw the Vangogh exhibit where the images were animated and projected onto all the walls and ceiling and I can totally see this in that type of display. Love seeing how you have bloomed and flown over the past many years since I found you as a teacher!

  7. Really fantastic how you develop your painting piece by piece!!
    One can tell that you are truely love what you do!!! Thank you for sharing

  8. Since you say this is only the beginning, I can’t wait to see what is coming. Hurray for multi dimensional modest meat pies!
    We went to a new museum in New York recently and saw art presented like this looking through a headset. The art was flying off the walls in 3 dimensions. It was the most thrilling thing I’ve seen since 2001 Space Odyssey. The museum is called Fotografiska.

  9. How exciting and a mystery at the same time, what will this become? Looking forward to the results and thank you for sharing .

  10. Your confidence to launch into something new and different, AND post the progress inspires me. Thank you, dear Paivi!

  11. Very interesting and appealing.
    I love watching how you an exploring and progressing in your art.
    Keep it up!

  12. I can feel your excitement and that you have found your purpose. That is inspiring. You are willing to move with the flow of the universe and make changes. Fantastic! ♥

  13. Thanks so much, everyone for leaving a comment! It’s so encouraging, and I value your openness to new things. You are the best!

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