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Big Birthday Sale!

Birthday Sale, Feb 11-15, 2020

I have always enjoyed celebrating birthdays, and now when I am 51, it’s like we only have permission to celebrate full tens or fives and tens. No way! Please, don’t take the birthdays away from the old people!

Paivi of Peony and Parakeet

So to be rebels, let’s celebrate my birthday no matter what! For the first time of history, all my art classes are 15 % off, as well as all my watercolor paintings and prints!

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Magical Forest – New Class about Intuitive Art-Making – Early-Bird Sale!

"Valomio" - a watercolor painting by Paivi Eerola of Peony and Parakeet. See her intuitive art-making class Magical Forest!

“Valomio” – this is one of the pieces that I have painted for the new upcoming class called Magical Forest. This class is about painting watercolor fairies and nature’s spirits in their magical surroundings. We’ll combine both intentional and intuitive art-making, and dive deeper into four artist’s mindsets – Hope, Spirituality, Flow, and Curiosity. We’ll practice by drawing art journal or sketchbook pages, and then get looser in watercolor painting. Magical Forest is not about drawing or painting with references, but growing images from our imagination.

Watch the video below and reserve your spot!

The early-bird sale ends on Cyber Monday, Dec 2nd, 2019 (midnight PST). Reserve your spot now!

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