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Peony and Parakeet

Budgies’ Picks – Christmas Sale!

They say that behind every man there’s a woman, but did you know that behind Paivi’s every class there’s a flock of helpful birds!

Even if we live in Finland with Paivi, our roots are in the wilderness of Australia. So, we happen to know quite a lot about free expression! For humans, it doesn’t always come so naturally, so classes are needed. This Christmas, we want to come up (even if it’s a bit scary), and give a few recommendations!

Salvadora: Magical Forest

I like nature and adventures! When I watched Paivi creating this class, it felt like we traveled together through a fairytale.

Magical Forest – 88 EUR now 69 EUR – Buy Here!

Bonneville: Inspirational Drawing

I am the oldest bird in the flock and always encourage everybody to get flying. I think that flying is very similar to drawing. You have to give it a chance and trust your wings!

Inspirational Drawing – 109 EUR now 79 EUR – Buy Here!

Primavera: Decodashery

As the prettiest bird, I believe in the power of beauty. This class is so uplifting – all the colors, the deliciousness …

Decodashery – 50 EUR now 42 EUR – Buy Here!

Leonardo: Animal Inkdom

I am the entertainer and want to choose a class that has humor. This one makes us all smile and sing. And there are birds too, of course!

Animal Inkdom – 79 EUR – 59 EUR – Buy Here!

P.S. Paivi’s Recommendation: Floral Freedom

Paivi recommends Floral Freedom for all who haven’t gone to an art school but finally want to know how to paint abstract art.

The class has started this month, but you can still hop in! In this class, we study Paul Klee’s and Wassily Kandinsky’s principles about abstract art and put them into practice by creating abstract florals. After this class, you will look at art, both yours and anyone else’s, in a new way. You will realize why some abstract pieces are so attractive, and some aren’t.

This is NOT a class where you are just told to make a mess and be happy about it. In Floral Freedom, you will learn a basic “visual vocabulary” that you can widen and alter to your liking. In Floral Freedom, you will explore abstract art in both emotional and technical directions. And we will paint flowers – what a joy! Sign up now!

Art Journaling, Music, Giveaway!

In this blog post: A new class for art journalers and absolute beginners + a giveaway!

Gratitude Junk Journal 2020

For a long time, I have been thinking about creating an art journaling class that would be geared for absolute beginners. Art journaling is where my creative rise started 10 years ago, and I still want to stay in touch with that. So when Tiare Smith asked me to join her Gratitude Junk Journal 2020 program, I was happy to say yes. We have 12 instructors, and each of us has picked a theme for a page. Mine is Music, and I absolutely loved making the class. It was a chance to express my gratitude for another inspiring art form, and help others do the same.

Gratitude Junk Journal – More About My Class

Paivi Eerola and her art journals.

With this class, you’ll create music-inspired art journal pages based on one song or a collection of songs, learn about the similarities between music and visual art, and express togetherness – something we never have enough as artists and as human beings. We’ll first paint a musical landscape and then continue with the melody. I’ll show several examples and inspire you to try different songs for a page. My class includes scribbling, doodling, inking, coloring, and painting. It has 3 videos (about 1 hour total), but you’ll also get 11 more classes with the price.

Gratitude Junk Journal 2020 begins on Nov 1st

Register in October to get an early Bird Special of 20% off with code JOY2020 at checkout.
>> Buy Here!

Enter the Giveaway!

I also have one spot of Gratitude Junk Journal 2020 to give away! Leave a comment with your email in this post! (The email field won’t be published, but it helps me to contact the winner). In the comments, tell us one song that inspires you to create!

I will randomly pick a winner between those who wrote the name of a song. One entry per person, please! The last day to enter is October 7th (PDT), 2020. If you have purchased the class and win the spot, you will get a refund, so don’t worry about waiting too long!

>> Buy Here!

Sale! Classes are Retiring!

Stormy Scenery from Imagine Monthly Bundle 1, by Paivi Eerola of Peony and Parakeet

I have been revamping the website, and it’s been a big cleaning process as well. Three classes are now retiring: 2 different Imagine Monthly art journaling bundles from 2016, and my first online class ever Watercolor 101 for Intuitive Painting, recorded in 2014. These classes are 50% off for this weekend only, and then they will be gone. The sale ends on August 2nd, 2020, midnight PDT.

>> Imagine Monthly Bundle 1 (6 mini-courses)
>> Imagine Monthly Bundle 2 (5 more mini-courses)
>> Watercolor 101 for Intuitive Painting (1 video)

One of my personal favorites is Romantic Geometry from Imagine Monthly Bundle 2, a mini-course inspired by Wassily Kandisky.

Romantic Geometry from Imagine Monthly Bundle 2, by Paivi Eerola of Peony and

Have a creative weekend!

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