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Choosing Creativity

Art Nouveau by Night, watercolor painting by Peony and Parakeet. Choosing creativity over television.

This watercolor piece was made last summer. It was found when I organized my papers. During a long summer night I browsed one of my favorite books: Alphonse Mucha Masterworks. After closing the book I wanted to make something Art Nouveau myself!

My sisters used to say that I am an affective person. I get easily excited and affected by everything that surrounds me. Within years I have learned to steer myself by choosing what’s around me. No one can choose everything, but there’s plenty of choices that can be made during the day. Like which book to open.

More than before I choose to close the television. I also try to stop browsing endlessly what others have made. It is surprising how little input is needed to get the creativity flowing. Having a glimpse of Mucha’s masterpieces can be enough. Limiting consuming and increasing creating can take us closer what we want, like time traveling to Art Nouveau.

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4 thoughts on “Choosing Creativity

  1. Like your blogging about “choosing creativity”. I think creativity is a bit like a pregnancy; the ideas need time to “gestate” until fully born. I also think that looking at other people’s work is a “double edged sword” – it can be very inspiring and motivating, but can also muddle up and water-down one’s own ideas. Sometimes its better not to look at other’s work. (This is just my 2-cents-worth…)

    1. Nilli, you said it so well! The balance between looking for other people’s work and spending time with your own thoughts is important! Thanks for the great insight!

    1. En tietenkään pahastu. Olen imarreltu, kiitos! Kirjastasi tulee ihana! – Thank you Anu for mentioning me in your blog!

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