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Colored Pencil Blogger – A Video Blog Post!

This week, I have a video blog for you. It’s full of art inspiration, especially if you want to fall in love with colored pencils.

Colored pencil journal spread by Paivi Eerola, a colored pencil blogger. Watch her video to get more colored pencil inspiration.
This is one of the projects that I show in the video.

Stories and Inspiration – Watch the Video!

I decided that I have blogged about colored pencils so much that I can call myself a colored pencil blogger!

The video is longer than what I usually record. Is a 30-minute video too much? Tell me what you think!

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16 thoughts on “Colored Pencil Blogger – A Video Blog Post!

  1. I loved this! I watched every minute! Of course, after almost ten years, I can never get enough of your inspiration, Paivi!

  2. I enjoyed this rambling style if posting–sort of felt like we were sitting down with a
    cup of tea or coffee and just chatting; I would think in some ways it might almost be more difficult because even if you are rambling–you still need a subject to ramble about.
    Anyhow. I enjoyed it

  3. I thought it could have been longer. I was sketching as you spoke, I will send it on your web site. I really enjoyed your blog. It was like sitting around with some friends chit chatting about art.

  4. Hello Dear Paivi,
    I love the longer videos that give you enough time to tell us what is in your heart.
    I have been coloring for a long time in coloring books, and while my skills for layering have much improved, i am still within the lines. Your conversation with us
    presented me with much to think about-I watched the video three times and even took notes. Now I see my planner, notebooks and magazines in a whole new light of possibility and yes, opportunities. In your pencil organization, you gave the little shorties the attention they deserve! I now plan to make my own Box of Joy. Your video was very timely in my own life, to help me take a look at my life and how much play is in it. So thank you, for all of these thoughts-they are a gift.

  5. Love the longer video and that you spoke so freely about many things, like having a conversation with us. And it was so good to see you drawing close up, to admire your spontaneity and playfulness. I see now how stolid, how serious my approach can sometimes be, and will practice loosening up. Your comments about using worn down pencils and paper scraps are very encouraging. Thank you so much for sharing your tools, your work, and for your motivating reflections.

  6. Oh gosh I love so much about this video Paivi! It’s not too long at all! The time went by so fast and I could have watched you and listened to you for longer. When I listen to your voice and hear your thoughts & philosophy on art I learn so much because you are so unique in your thought process and the thing I am drawn to mostly is how you light up when you talk about playing and how you animate your materials supplies and make them your close friends. Organizing your pencils in the way you have done, I can see how much joy it brings you and makes me want to do the same. And I completely agree with you that making art without boundaries , playing and just for the sake of creating opens up room to create “real” art, what ever that is. I hope I have conveyed how much I truly enjoy your art, your process and for being vulnerable and letting us see more of YOU! One more thing, watching this video truly brought back memories of me as a child making paper dolls & their clothes and coloring in my bedroom for hours & hours. You are a gift, thank you for sharing part of yourself with us.

  7. Paivi this is a wonderful video!!! I love to hear your thoughts about the art world. The breakdown of play and fine art was a wonderful insight. Too often the idea of having to produce works of “substance” becomes the only focus and the loss of the muse quality in creativity and spontaneity, I feel, hurts the inspired quality of art. Some of my most favorite art pieces were done by my granddaughter when she was 5 years old. The freedom and inspiration shines thru and feels so much more connected and alive to creativity than many of the fire art pieces I have seen. Thank you so much for your videos and it wasn’t long at all!!!!

  8. I enjoyed this video very much, as I enjoy all of your blogs and videos. I am so impressed by your talent and your generosity sharing your knowledge with all of us. I, personally am an abstract artist. I am pretty loose with my work and enjoy the art of creation. I consider your oil paintings abstract. And they are marvelous. Anyway. To answer your question. I very much enjoyed the longer video. As others have noted. I feel like I am with a friend. Thank you for all that you do.

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