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Colored Pencils – Intuitive Approach

This week, I have a video for you! It’s about painting freely, but not with paints but with colored pencils! In the video, I talk about intuitive coloring and painting and their similarities. I also make a page for one of my art journals. Lots of art inspiration – enjoy!

Color Like a Painter – Watch the Video!

Intuitive coloring with colored pencils – isn’t that fun?!

Classes Mentioned in the Video

8 thoughts on “Colored Pencils – Intuitive Approach

  1. I have been following you for several years now. I was first attracted to your elaborate and charming designs. I am trying hard to to not make art that is “cute” or “pretty “ as that is what always seemed to come out but not what really interested me. I have been pushing myself to try to be more thoughtful AND more abstract.
    You have provided Many things to help me find what will take me in a direction I appreciate. While I am not looking to you to imitate, I have learned a lot from your approach and thoughts about your own work.
    (I did buy Kandinsky and Klee’s books and am finding them interesting. )
    This video is just what I need to hear and see. I love the new paintings and found your approach to the pencil drawing fascinating.
    I also was thinking about how you have matured but from some very delightful and accessible work. I hope that you will keep your early classes available as there are so many people that will find them interesting, inspiring, and just right for them as I did.
    Please keep sharing your thought and your progress. It is much appreciated.

  2. Really a great explanation….I am trying so hard to do abstract and find it hard to let go – but I’m working on it… all of your videos. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Gloria! For me, Paul Klee’s and Wassily Kandinsky’s teachings have been most helpful in pursuing abstract.

  3. I tried this in my art journal and was quite pleased with the results. Thank you.

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