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Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

Coloring Abstract Art – Watch the Video!

Coloring abstract art on a blank art journal page with colored pencils by Peony and Parakeet. See the video!

Coloring abstract art on a blank page is so much fun. Layering colors and discovering new shapes is like an adventure!

I created this freely colored abstract art piece onto my biggest art journal and recorded the process and some thoughts about coloring on a blank page. The video also introduces my newest e-book Coloring Freely.

Start your journey with colored pencils: Buy Coloring Freely!

7 thoughts on “Coloring Abstract Art – Watch the Video!

  1. A scene emerged while you added little bits of color and shape. Steps going up to a dock overlooking a quiet pond. A boat in the pond at sunset with the gleaming reflection on the boat. In the distance I see small cabin and feel peace and tranquility in the midst of the beautiful colors of the world settling down for sleep.Even the moon is beginning to peek out from space. As always, your art draws me in and lets my mind play. Thanks for a tiny vacation this morning as I drink my coffee before heading out for a long busy day.

  2. I loved watching you color the page in the video. I also loved the music, what was it?

    1. Thanks, Liz! The music has been bought from I think they make the music themselves and it’s not available elsewhere.

  3. Love to see how the color from the pencils flow onto the page as if it was paint, blending as it proceeds. I have enjoyed the information in “Coloring Freely” and have applied the techniques to various projects. The spontaneous flow is so freeing.

  4. I loved watching you….so relaxing that now I am inspired! I have used colored pencils to draw faces, but never in this free form way. I especially love the idea of playing music while coloring. What brand of colored pencils did you use?
    I also want your e-book!

  5. ohhhh Paivi! thank you for sharing. watching you color is magical and so inspiring! in the end, your page reminds me a rich, beautiful piece of fabric. like a soft, warm scarf to wear on a chilly day. what a special treat it was to watch your creation.

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