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Creating Collage Mandalas

Blue Eye Mandala by Peony and Parakeet

If you like cutting papers with scissors, create collage mandalas! And if you need more inspiration for cutting, read this post first: 5 Reasons to Enjoy Cutting Paper with Scissors)

Circles Are Everywhere

Daisy flower

For some people, mandalas have spiritual meaning. They usually represent universe or unity. As the word “mandala” means “circle” they can be almost anything and seen almost anywhere. I am often inspired by the circular shapes that I see in nature. Mandalas are usually symmetric, so they are surprisingly fast to make. The mandalas that I made are very straight-forward, yet eye-catching.

Basic Instructions for Creating Collage Mandalas

Creating collage mandalas from hand cut papers, by Peony and Parakeet

1) Cut a centerpiece and other pieces (3 to 5 different shapes, 6 to 12 pieces each) from decorated papers. I cut the pieces freely with scissors not worrying too much about their similarity.
2) Glue the pieces on the solid background paper. I used Golden Soft Gel Gloss gel medium, but you can use almost any glue. Measure the middle point of the background paper and start attaching the pieces from there.
3) Draw some more shapes with color pencils.
4) Doodle the finest decorations with a white gel pen and a thin black marker.

Red Energy Mandala by Peony and Parakeet

If you study my mandalas carefully, you’ll see how carelessly I have cut the shapes. They are not identical or perfect. I think that the result is more human when using scissors instead of cutting machines or shape cutters. Look at that photo of the daisy flower again, doesn’t the flower look more like hand-cut than machine-cut?

Blue Eye Mandala and Red Energy Mandala by Peony and Parakeet

I made my mandalas as greeting cards. I think they would make great gifts!

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10 thoughts on “Creating Collage Mandalas

  1. These are so pretty, Paivi! And yes, I am inspired to do some of my own. Thank you!

  2. You are truly amazing. I look at your work and am awed and inspired and then you start writing about the experience and I am so “blown a way” by your thoughts. I repeat. You are truly amazing.

  3. I looked and drooled over your work, then I listened to your process you have inspired me to try it. You are a talented genius. And now I am addicted to yet another form of art.Thank you for sharing and inspiring all us gals that admire you. Keep up the good work. I am bookmarking your site cause I don’t want to miss out on your next work of art. Again Thank you for inspiring me.
    “Happy Crafting”
    Hugs from Texas

    1. Dianne, thanks so much for your lovely comment! Have fun creating! Welcome to subscribe to my newsletter, see the right column of the page for the Subscribe button!

  4. Good afternoon Paivi! Taking a break from housework to enjoy your creations! What type of paper/material is the black base you are using? What is the landscape like over there? The other evening on our way into town, the sun was setting and it was magnificent. So, as usual I had my little (literally) camera clicking away. When I was through I discovered a great photo opportunity……my dress I was wearing!~Very vibrant colors with all types of lines and shapes. I snapped a close up shot and WOW…. going to take it into town next time we go and have it enlarged for a print!!

    1. Hi Lisa, it’s black cardstock used in scrapbooking pages. Just grabbed what I had on hand. I love the story of you photographing! Similar things happens to me all the time: I begin to take photos of something fairly obvious and then end up taking photos of crazy things that serve more creative purposes! Now it’s raining in Finland but we have had great sunsets recently too. Even if I hate the cold winters, the best sunrises happen then. I have even art journaled about it, but have saved that page for later posts.

  5. I’ve just recently found your articles and have been playing. It took a while to get to a store where I could buy white out, but it is so much fun to use. Thank you.
    I am a watercolor artist but am always looking for something new to keep me occupied.

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