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Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

Embrace Chaos while Creating Art

Art journal page by Peony and Parakeet. Read about how to add chaos to improve your art!

The first video blog post of the new year! This time the video a bit longer than usual as the subject is so close to my heart! The subject is the chaos and how you can use it while creating art. Hopefully you will enjoy the video!

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30 thoughts on “Embrace Chaos while Creating Art

  1. Oh Paivi, this took my breath away! I loved watching the first part, but then my mind took over and began telling stories. I first saw a patch of Lilly of the Valley flowers and hoped you would color them white. Then they disappeared and I saw two suns or maybe a moon and a sun in the sky, but they disappeared to become welcoming lights from some far away homes in the fog over the hills. Next, the colors swept me to spring and new green leaves on the trees. Then came the colors deepening into a magical world of bright intensely colored “objects” maybe flowers and bushes or something scientists had yet to discover. But I was very afraid when you erased some parts. It woke me and stopped my dreaming. Then you added the words and everything became clear. You ARE amazing! Thanks you for my short vacation and your very warm visit in your world.

  2. Love this!! When you turned the page upside down, I was thinking “no please don’t do that” because I was very much enjoying the painting from that perspective. Then I remembered some good art advice about not getting too attached to the piece or part of it– to not be afraid to go over something you really like. That it may turn out to be something even greater. The advice was something to this effect. With your beautiful work Paivi, you reminded me of that lesson. Thank you! This artwork is gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks, LauraK!
      I am so used to turning my work around regularly that it sometimes happens almost automatically. I feel that it makes the end result more interesting if it is viewed from many angles. Also, the pen strokes seem to become more relaxed. Your comment was most interesting. I may have to examine this subject closer! I often do something naturally and take many many moments afterwards analyzing why did that. Probably that is one reason why I rarely run out of ideas for the blog posts!

  3. I loved how you made chaos… and then controle took over… the work is awesome, but I would stop the video at 5.44 about… than I felt the chaos was at it’s top… love what you want to show, thank you Paivi..

    1. Anne Marie, thanks! I found your comment most discerning! One thing about chaos that I did not mention is: how far are you able to go?! I can make some chaos but then, I do like my art to be somewhat intentional. However, I feel the yearn for being able to go further. It would be most interesting to hear conversation about this subject! Another thing to add for further blog posts! Please share if this raises more thoughts in you, Anne Marie and others!

  4. I loved watching you create this. You were so free with your movement and color choices. I’m not a wordy person, I just wanted to thank you for this video. I found it quite inspiring and exciting. I LOVE your color choices and your bravery and creativity.

    1. Sandy, thanks! It is great to hear that you got inspired. When I turn the recording on and I have the blank page in the restricted space, I do often think: I don’t know if I can survive to the end! But then, I just rely on intuition. I also have developed some techniques which help. One is documented on the watercolor 101 video which I use very often when I start creating watercolor paintings. But there are others too, for drawing. I am currently documenting those and hopefully have a class or an ebook published before summer!

  5. Beautiful! I so love watching you work and hearing your thoughts on process and inspiration. Such freedom in your strokes. Thank you for filming and sharing. Such generosity.

  6. Beautiful work! I am somewhat familiar with chaos but i have always called it Scribbling. Yes, with a capital S because i find in it a path, a trail, like walking through tall underbrush, then a way seems to suddenly appear, then it becomes energy flowing and connections. It is also such a great release for pent up emotions, so freeing. Thank you for sharing this, it kind of validates my own creative dances.

    1. Nea, thanks! Great word: Scribbling! Speaking of energy (yes, I loved your vision on that!) I find it most interesting that when using a paint brush the energy is different. If there are not much thoughts in my head I find working with big brushes so relaxing. But my mind is full of thoughts, Scribbling feels better. So I can fully relate to your thoughts too!

  7. ohhhh paivi….. what a treat it was to watch you create from start to finish. from scribbles to a beautiful piece of art. as someone else already mentioned, i saw so many things throughout the process. and it kept changing and changing, without knowing the end result, it was like finding a surprise around every corner 🙂 you really gave your new set of pencils a great workout!! thank you for sharing, thank you so much for all the inspiration. you are a treasure <3 jenny

    1. Thanks, Jenny! Those new pencils (Prismacolor Soft Core) are great. I just do not know if I like to keep them in their trays. Even if I love to keep everything tidy, during the creative process, the jars seem to work better. I might divide the pens in 2-4 separate jars, time will tell! Tips for storing 75 colored pencils are welcome!

      1. i vote the pencils come out of the trays and into cups/jars-lol! how pretty they will look, and easier to use 🙂 not sure if you’d want all 75 in one container….maybe a couple, and have one be for dark colors and one for lighter. share a picture if/when you decide what you do. also-do you have a pencil sharpener that you would suggest? i’ve had some breakage of my prismacolors a few times, as i sharpen them. i have a very old electric sharpener. might be time for an upgrade. thanks paivi <3

          1. hi Paivi 🙂 hooray! pencils in a jar 🙂 i’d love to see a picture-i also checked your post about the pencil sharpener. thank you for sharing the link. (loved seeing your tidy-ready to create art space!!) i tried to find the sharpener online-but can only find a battery operated one. is yours battery or electric? it looks like a very nice sharpener. also-i for one would really enjoy some more posts about your supplies and your storage/organization 🙂 i’m like you, i need to clear my space when finished, and have everything ready to go. seeing how other people organize, what supplies they like, is motivating and inspiring 🙂

  8. wow, so inspiring. I love your art, you are so talented. thank you for so generously sharing your talents and skills with us!

  9. I must admit at first I was not sure where you were going with this. But then it started to come alive and I saw so many things evolving. I saw growing in my mind. Another fantastic video. Thanks

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I think the problem with sketching the big picture first is that the end result often becomes very stiff. I like to start small and build for the bigger picture. This is one of the methods that I want to document and publish!

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