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The Essence of Your Art

Collage Art by Peony and Parakeet

I found this old collage piece when I organized my archives. It is a design that I have used as a part of the fabric called Flow. As art journaling cute little girls with lovely little animals, is so popular nowadays, this made me think: what’s the essence of art is for me. And also, I would love to hear what it is for you!

For me, it’s not the play, even if I love playing. It’s not the colors even if I am totally for them. It’s not even the circles, my favorite shapes. I might aim for the certain styles, I love art nouveau and expressionism, for sure. But the essence of everything is that I want to create “everyday icons”, the images that make me stop, drop everything mundane and get in touch with my the inner thoughts.

Technically compositions, colors, shapes, styles, etc. create that. But when I am happy with the result, I do not think about those anymore. I think about what I feel and think right now and where it can take me.

The best thing is that everybody can create their personal icons, sacred images, mandalas, whatever you want to call them. They don’t need to be connected to any religion. They can just be connected to experiences, moments or beauty which uplift your spirit.

This is what I thought when I saw this old artwork. And now I wonder, what can I do better. How can I make this blog be the place for anyone to stop, then start creating – the essence of their art!

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6 thoughts on “The Essence of Your Art

  1. Watching you create and reading your thoughts are the best inspiration possible! I do love to see small projects that people have done with their art – it gets me going to make my version of their project (journal, page, bookmark, card, even just a fun swatch booklet of my supplies). I just love to see what others come up with for “using” their art after creating it. I have made a small journal devoted to your instructions on doodles over watercolor then pencil and marker. I make a page periodically and love to look back on the changes I go through. I also would love to learn more about using wool and yarn in projects that also use paper – maybe a bookmark, window dangle, etc. Maybe colorful snowflakes to hand in the window. I LOVE your style!

  2. I am creating an illustrated “notebook” for the Jungian course I am presently taking. Your comments on about getting in touch with the “inner are particularly interesting. I think that all art is the attempt to discover the unconscious world within. Though I find the illustrating as difficult as many of Jung’s esoteric theories, I guess that is all part of the process! Thank you.

    1. Lynne, thanks for the great comment! Yes, I feel the same: art is connected to our subconscious world and that’s why it is so important not only to read, write and talk but also create images for self-expression. Have great time with the notebook, it will be a treasure!

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