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Why Every Artist Should Art Journal? – Facebook Live Recording

I had my first public Facebook live yesterday! If you missed it, watch the recording below. As this is a live recording via the Facebook app, the quality of the image and the lip sync aren’t brilliant. If you are interested in art journals and using them for growing as an artist, it’s worth watching!

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2 thoughts on “Why Every Artist Should Art Journal? – Facebook Live Recording

  1. Just came from the video and just had to tell you what I see. At first I saw an interesting little being (kind of gnome/hobbit/toad) creature on the bottom with two big eyes looking back. Then the magic began. He seemed to be full of ideas that were bursting and breaking from his back/head. There is a finished gorgeous bubble bursting forth at the top with many beautiful,vague ideas growing. He seemed so earthy and almost ugly but fascinating. When I heard your words I realized he was the roots of a plant. You can’t have a beautiful blossom without those uglier roots which are normally covered with dirt. He is all about growth and growing ideas and completely visually described what you were talking about with art journals! I even see a darkened chamber of choices in the bottom right side that would entice me to explore further and has a beautiful window above it where a bird is soaring and flying! What a perfect example of your words and I certainly would be naming it Roots! I’m so excited to see the final painting!!!

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