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Feeling Dissatisfied with Your Art? – Watch the video!

Decorative illustration by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet. Watch the video about drawing this one and about feeling dissatisfied with your art!

This week, I talk about why we can feel disconnected and dissatisfied with our art no matter what other people say about it. I also address the issue why the exercises of taking inspiration photos and creating from them don’t always work. At the end of the video, I create this decorative illustration which is a new version of a class assignment from 6 years ago!

Feeling Dissatisfied with Your Art? – Watch the Video!

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9 thoughts on “Feeling Dissatisfied with Your Art? – Watch the video!

  1. Wonderful to listen to you again. You inspire me to try less hard, to relax and just feel. It has helped me to fun with my art instead of being so critical. Looking forward to taking another class from you soon.

  2. Absolutely stunning dearest Pavi, and so very inspiring!
    Thank you.
    All best wishes,
    Sue xx

  3. I feel your joy and excitement as I watch the video- Love it!
    Watching as you draw reaches deep inside me
    and feels so inspiring ?
    Thank you so very much!???

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