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Do You Feel Insecure About Your Art?

Art journal page by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet

On Wednesday morning, I prepared my studio for a recording. Usually, when I set up the camera, I am excited and ready to paint. But this time I was struggling. However, I did manage to put the video together because it gave me the opportunity to talk about insecurity and self-doubt – common feelings for all artists!

Feeling Insecure and Why? – Watch the Video!

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10 thoughts on “Do You Feel Insecure About Your Art?

  1. Thank you for this encouraging video! Overcoming the hurdle of self-doubt is a big issue for me and I appreciate your honesty so much. I look forward to your webinar and hearing what you have to say next!

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful video. You always inspire me to try new things. I recently bought some heavy body acrylics and hated them. Didn’t know how to use them until I saw this video, gel medium!

  3. A wonderful video with an important message. We need to constantly encourage each other to push through the self-doubt that seems to pop-up repeatedly. It’s great for me to hear you tell about YOUR trials because then I’m reminded that it’s normal when my own little voices start chattering away in the background. It makes it easier to calm them down. Keep doing what you’re doing – it really makes a difference to so many of us.

  4. Being self taught is a hurdle that I face every day. I never know what I actually want to paint because if I start out with my wants somewhere half way thru my brush changes it’s mind and the brush does what it wants. I am trying to just go with that flow until I have more experience. Mixed media was always easier because if I put paper down it stayed where I put it. But paint seems to have a mind of its own and most of the time it doesn’t consult me. I’m learning to use watercolors right now and want to go to acrylics at a later date if that is possible. I’m not sure my brain can handle doing both mediums at the same phrase of learning. I am in the middle of your inspirational drawing class and love it. Now if I can only relax enough to trust my brush.

    1. Betty, thank you for your comment! There are many approaches to increasing skills in art, the focus doesn’t have to be a certain supply, but for example, learning how to invent aesthetic shapes. That kind of insights can be used in any medium. Sometimes, it’s easier to discover and practice them in one medium and then develop the skills further using another. That’s how the class Floral Fantasies in Three Styles is built!

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