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From Painting to Digital 3D Art

This week I have a video that is made for all who love art and love creating art. It’s about my artistic journey from painting to digital 3D art. My new digital creations move and change color on screen and in virtual reality.

3D Art – Watch the Video!

I am currently making digital artwork in a three-dimensional world. I have received a grant for it from The Finnish Cultural Foundation. The project will continue until September 2024, but it has progressed to the extent that it is good to gather thoughts and show some results on a video.

The main programs I mentioned in the video are Nomad Sculpt, Blender, and Unity. My virtual glasses are Meta Quest 3.

The artwork is not finished yet. The most important thing that I need to do is the interaction with the viewer. I will also include sounds. Fortunately, the project still has five months left. The project is part-time, but on the other hand, breaks are good, because the ideas have time to grow.

Traditional 2D Meets Digital 3D

I understand that I am only at the beginning of everything that technologies make possible and where my artistic thinking can go. It’s exciting. For a long time, I have envied how the students of my painting and drawing courses have great enthusiasm to learn new things. Now I have this situation with digital art.

I am grateful to have been born in an era where all this is possible. With digital art, we have something Rubens and Kandinsky would envy. It would be wonderful to show them all this, even if it would be only just this video. I think a certain da Vinci would like to join Rubens and Kandinsky! There have always been artists who have wanted to see into the future and go on a journey to an unknown land. I think this attitude doesn’t break the tradition but keeps it alive.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “From Painting to Digital 3D Art

  1. I really am connecting with what you are saying. Each time period that man has explored creativity and expression, humans have worked with the materials that are available to use. Sharing your explorations and curiosity with today’s computerized tools with the aid of the computer’s thinking and skill set coupled with your brain and skill set…well you shared it well in this video and discussion of translating your paintings to moving computerized artwork. Thank you. I remember when I was an art student and the exploration of making art on a copy machine…LOL. A Big part of art is experimentation and playing with the materials. Keep at it and we all look forward to your progress.

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