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Happy New Year from Paivi’s Art Studio – Greetings in a Video!

Watercolor painting in progress. By Paivi Eerola of Peony and Parakeet.

On this last day of the decade, I share some moments from my art studio in Finland. Watch the 1-minute video!

Many times when people look at art, they say admiringly: “How did the artist do that?” They assume that the artist intentionally painted every spot. But often, art is more about seeing what accidental spots to preserve rather than how to intentionally paint them. It’s the nature of art to explore the wild and uncontrollable side of life, and it’s the job of an artist to make it serve the expression.

During the past years, I have tried many art techniques, many approaches, but this the journey that’s for me – to produce and teach art that goes out of control at times, and that has unrealistic and abstract elements as well.

Start the New Year by Painting the Magic

Magical Forest begins on January 1st, 2020! >> Sign up Now!

22 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Paivi’s Art Studio – Greetings in a Video!

  1. Dear Paivi,

    From a sunny Switzerland too I wish you a wonderful and colourful New Year in 2020.


  2. Dear Paivi, I want to thank you for the many words you have written to us these past months (and years, too). It always feels as though you are talking personally to me ands the words are comforting and encouraging, and I continue on. I so much enjoy and appreciate your work and I study it. But the words you add are so important to help us see how things work and why. May 2020 be a most special year for you and may you enjoy the wondrous discoveries that surely are in your future.

  3. Hello, Paivi – thank you for sharing your art and creativity; I hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year full of blessings.

  4. Happy New Year Paiavi thank you for all the lovely art you have shown us over the year and for the videos. I look forward to starting Magical Forest tomorrow, an 80th birthday gift from one of my daughters.

  5. Happy New Year Paivi! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and talents throughout the year.

  6. Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing snapshots of your world. Especially enjoy seeing the dogs and your garden. Peaceful and lovely.

  7. thank you Pavi for your generous sharing. I’m committing to painting more this year. Happy and peaceful new year.

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