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Happy Watercolor Holidays – Watch the Video!

Paivi Eerola's watercolor studio.

When the end of the year gets closer, it’s time to look back. One of the big themes in 2019 has been watercolors. I gathered the paintings, filled my art shop, and made a Christmas video for you. I hope you enjoy the video below!

Happy Watercolor Holidays!

New Painting – Splashpompom!

Here’s the newest painting called “Splashpompom”. It has citrus fruits, marshmallows, and cotton flowers, and it’s all about partying in a magical forest! I really like this one!

Splashpompom - a watercolor painting by Paivi Eerola

Here are some details. The bursting orange:

A detail of a watercolor painting by Paivi Eerola.

White flowers that are like soft cotton clouds and flying marshmallows:

A detail of a watercolor painting by Paivi Eerola.

Some happy accidents that I highlighted with care:

A detail of a watercolor painting by Paivi Eerola.

It’s been quite a year, and I will post more about it in the next post, but this is for watercolors and my upcoming class Magical Forest. I hope you will join! >> Click here!

Paivi Eerola, a watercolor artist from Finland

Wishing Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the good things for you and your creativity!

24 thoughts on “Happy Watercolor Holidays – Watch the Video!

  1. So many wonderful memories this year. For me it has been a year of learning and growing in my journey with you. Looking forward to the new year and continuing my journey with you. You always inspire me to try new things and to not give up. Many happy thoughts this Season for you and yours.

  2. Dear Paivi,
    Many good wishes for the holidays and the New Year. I watch with deep admiration as you grow and refine your artistic vision. Although I haven’t taken a course in awhile, please know that what I have learned from you and the inspirations you offer so freely continue to deeply inspire my own artistic journey. Much love, Claudia

  3. Thank you Paivi – what a beautiful journey you took me on. Thank you for sharing your vision and your wonderful skills, I look forward to seeing you again in 2020.

  4. Paivi,
    I have so enjoyed drawing and watercoloring with you this year. You inspire me, help me enjoy myself and I am learning so much. I look forward to continuing the creative journey with you in 2020.


  5. A blessed Christmas, Paivi! I am so looking forward to the next class, getting my head around inventive watercolour.
    Here in Australia, we are suffering from severe drought, and unrelenting bushfires and smoke.. I also look forward to being able to somehow create my way out of these distressing feelings which have invaded our whole communities. If only some of that northern hemisphere water could trickle down to the bottom of the World!

    1. Thank you for commenting, Annie! I also look forward to see your art in the next class! The situation in Australia sounds really bad, and we in Finland have been following those news too. We’ve got too much rain recently, so I would gladly send some to you!!

  6. thank you for your wonderful courses and great imagination so inspiring happy Christmas and a great new year

  7. Thank you Paivi, that was a beautiful video❣️ I get much joy from your writings and paintings.
    Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and a wonderfilled 2020!
    From Vancouver Island,

  8. You are my art angel. I absolutely love your art and while life has been hectic this past year I truly hope to sign up and do a course this coming year.
    You truly inspire me.
    Have a wonderful time during the holidays and enjoy every moment. May the Art angels shine on you now and always.

    1. Thank you, Alice! Your comment really warmed my heart and brightened my day! I hope that you can arrange more time to your creativity and hope to see you in the class too!

  9. Oh Paivi, this wonderful video you made as a gift to all of us brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for 2019 and years past, when you gave so much of your time and your sweet words to make our lives better-and yes, more understandable. As you said, just keep creating…” Thank you for everything and for always being there. What a comfort you are.

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