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How Does the World Look Like?

Woodlands, nature-themed art, a collage by Peony and Parakeet

When I was a child, I used to draw with my sisters. My sisters are over 15 years older than me so I asked a lot from them. One winter day I asked my oldest sister: What color is snow? And my sister answered: snow reflects a lot of colors so you can use a rainbow of colors. That’s a brilliant answer! It answers any questions of what color to use for nature-themed art. Yes, you can use a rainbow of colors! Like I did in this forest themed card.

I take a lot of photos just to learn from the nature. Here are a couple of them just to prove how realistic my little collage is. There really is a lot of colors and variety in nature!

Sparkles after the rain

Speaking of rainbows …

Rainbow after the rain

My advice is: when you create, stop repeating and start adding variety.
Use combinations of various papers and colors. Add layers and create elements and group with various sizes. Let your art grow and change like the plants and trees do.

Woodlands, a detail, a collage by Peony and Parakeet

What do you think? How does the world look like to you?

P.S. Here’s another card that uses the same principles.

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