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Inspired by William Morris

Inspired by William Morris, a collage by Peony and Parakeet

As a big fan of art nouveau and arts and crafts pediod, it may not be a surprise that I adore William Morris designs. Our home has William Morris curtains in two rooms. I love how detailed and decorative elements are combined to create repetative patterns in the two fabrics.

The little collage of this post was created after browsing some of the old William Morris designs from a book. I wanted to express the beauty of repetitions without creating absolute symmetry. The dark colors in the background change to shiny yellow to give the expression of hope and warmth. William would have used perfect symmetry and more muted colors. I tried to compensate my lack of technical skills by adding self expression.

Being too self-critical is not a good thing. It stops us doing what we really love. I know I cannot be the reborn William Morris. However, in my imagination I can go back in time and pretend to be his apprentice!

3 thoughts on “Inspired by William Morris

  1. You’re definitely too hard on yourself Paivi! I love your work and you’re an artist that I aspire to. I look forward to seeing everything that you do!
    Cheers, Lisa

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