Color the Emotion

Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

Intuitive Coloring

Intuitive Coloring

Fun ways to color freely on blank paper.
Techniques for your intuition and imagination.

Intuitive Coloring is an online art class for colored pencils.
You only need colored pencils, an eraser, and blank paper.

And a sharpener of course!

– How many pencils?
– As many or as few as you want!

– Is this an excuse for buying more?
– You didn’t hear that from me! Any pencils will do. Let’s strengthen the bond between you and them!

Prismacolor colored pencils

Coloring Can Be A Game – Addicting and Gradually Evolving

Yes to playfulness, no to stiff outlines. We play with lines so that they reveal rather than restrict.

Playing with simple shapes. Using colored pencils to create art.

Yes to building blocks, no to reference photos. We color simple shapes that tickle your intuition and imagination.

The class has really opened a whole new world of creativity for me, both in the medium of colored pencils and in the realm of intuitively finding my way through patches of color.

Pazit Shmutter, Israel
Coloring freely on a blank paper. Layering loosely with colored pencils.

Yes to layering, no to forcing. We deepen the colors gently layer by layer.

I have tried using colored pencils before but this class solidified my enjoyment and technique!

Sally Johnson, USA

Intuitive Coloring  - an online class for colored pencil art

In the gentle and intuitive approach, your affection for your art grows naturally + your hand and pencils say thank you!

“I enjoy more the process of drawing now, feel more confident and I have learned not to give up. I always wanted to draw with pencils and you taught me a very interesting approach to it!

Marina Carelli, Italy

“Let’s spend some quality time with our pencils!”

Paivi Eerola, the teacher of Intuitive Coloring

I am Paivi Eerola, the teacher of Intuitive Coloring and a long-time fan of colored pencils. I played with them as a child and as I grew they kept following me. The pencils calmed me down as a teenager. They waited for me to come home when I was an IT professional. And now when I am a full-time artist, they still keep me company between painting projects.

Sometimes I color a corner of a notebook, other times a much bigger piece.
And every time I pick a pencil, it brings me joy.

I love to sharpen it.
I love to examine its color over and over again.
I love to let it loose and connect with my inner child.

With Intuitive Coloring, I want to spread this joy to you too.

Pencils are on the coffee table all the time now. I love to doodle while watching TV in the evening. What appears on the page feels like my subconscious speaking to me.

Marie Jerred, Canada
Intuitive Coloring - an online art class by Paivi Eerola of Peony and Parakeet

Intuitive Coloring has 6 videos and an 18-page document.

Lesson 1: Coloring Softly & Playing with Lines (2 videos)

Let’s Make Your Pencils Happy | Soft or Hard Tip Why to Color Without Outlines? | Starting with Force and Counterforce | Stem Makes Flower | Creating by Removing | Playing with Two-Colored Shapes | Lines as Movers and Shakers | Simply Leaves | Where to Put the Drawings?

Lesson 2: Following a Rainbow (1 video)

How to Make Intuitive Art Feel More Real? | Scattered Rainbows | Lighter or Darker?

Lesson 3: Facing a Spirit (1 video)

Releasing the Inner Child | The Doll Lives – The Expression Changes! | Getting the Expression that Feels Right

Lesson 4: Ornamental Magic & Coloring Joyfully (2 videos)

From Stiff to Stiffer | Ornamental Magic Step by Step | The Combination of Facing the Spirit and Ornamental Magic | Three Easy Techniques for Joyful Coloring | Limiting is Good | Final Words and Thank You

Bonus: Membership for Art Community Bloom and Fly!

With the class, you will also get a basic membership for the Bloom and Fly Facebook group, where you can share your work and have conversations with fellow artists. This membership is for 2023, so you can continue coloring and sharing your art for the whole year.

This class teaches a much looser, more intuitive approach to making art, and I found it very valuable for helping me break out of the standard “realistic” approach that has almost always been the focus of other art classes. I would definitely take another class with Paivi. She’s super inspiring!

Anouk Mackenzie, Canada

Yes, I Want to Make My Pencils Happy!

Price: 39 EUR (about 43 USD)

Pay with a credit card or Paypal.

Begin coloring right away!
You will get the class material immediately after the payment.

Technology Needed + Refund Policy

All the information and services are provided in electronic format. You will need Internet access and a personal email account. The documents are in PDF format, and the videos are offered as a streaming service. You can access the material as long as you want if you download them to your computer within 6 months of the purchase. If you download the videos, you will also need an application to view and download MP4 videos. You have to be over 18 to join the Bloom and Fly community. All sales are final.

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