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Live Broadcasts Begin – Come to Meet Me Next Week!

Paivi Eerola broadcasting live from her studio. Join her live broadcasts about creating art and growing as an artist!
It has been my dream for a long time, and now it’s time to do it: I will begin broadcasting live blog posts!

Live Broadcasts – Artists’ Coffee Breaks

Think of these as artists’ coffee breaks for inspiration! I intend to keep the broadcasts short and then publish the recording on my blog. The weekly blog posts will continue, but many of them will be recordings of these live broadcasts.

My idea about the content is similar to the blog so far: have a wide variety of narrow topics related to my recent art discoveries and offerings. A new thing that live broadcasts enable is that I can invite other artists to talk about art so there will be interviews too!

Next Week’s Topic: Creating Small-Sized Art

The topic for the first live broadcast is creating small-sized art and how to use that to strengthen you as an artist. I will show some of my small drawings and paintings and share the enthusiasm and new perspectives that they have given to me.

Small oil painting in progress by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet

The broadcast will take place on April 25, 11 AM in Finland.
It’s 9 AM in London, Europe
6 PM  in Sydney, Australia
8 PM in Wellington, New Zealand

I know it’s a bad time for you who live in the USA or Canada (1 AM PDT / 4 AM EDT) but the weekday and the time will vary. You can watch the replay so you won’t miss anything! I will post the recording here on my blog after the live session.

Come to Meet Me Live on April 25!

On Wednesday next week, I will broadcast at Crowdcast where you can register for free. You can also chat with other participants when watching me – it’s just like having a coffee break together!

Creating Small-Sized Art – Click Here to Register!

18 thoughts on “Live Broadcasts Begin – Come to Meet Me Next Week!

  1. Thank you for posting the recording after the live broadcast. I am in the USA (EDT). I so enjoy your written posts, & am looking forward to your live broadcasts.

  2. I am in the US and I am thrilled about the time. What better way to start my day then connecting with an artist I admire!

  3. Congratulations Paivi on your upcoming live broadcasts! I won’t be able to watch live because of the time differences, but I will watch the recordings. So happy to see you take this step.

  4. Wonderful news! I’m very excited for you and to watch you. I want to see this but I’m afraid I’ll be working and when watching a 2 year old I can’t really watch anything else. He runs faster than I do! LOL But I can watch after he is asleep so I’m glad you will save the recording. Great news!

  5. This is a great idea and you are generous (as always) to share yourself and your knowledge with all of us. You have the most wonderful insight into how things work and I learn so much. I appreciate your personal growth journey over the years. You’ve just kept going and now look! Wondrous things can happen. All the best in this new venture. And the best part is, we get to come along too!

  6. Like the others, I love this idea too. How I wish I could travel to Europe…but unfortunately can’t afford it. I am having surgery for breast cancer next week, so will most probably have to watch the replay. But this has given me something to look forward to. Thanks, Päivi !

  7. What a great idea, Paiivi! Coffee Break art inspo. It’s perfect timing for me (unlike the evening webinars which have been a struggle to attend). Great topic too. Looking forward to it very much.

  8. Oh, how I wish I could be there “live”, but being in the US I will catch it later. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your life. I always get so inspired to let myself go and to try new things when I watch you or read your posts. Can’t wait to see this series.

  9. I can’t manage it live next Wed Paivi (house guest) but would love to see it if you are putting it on your blog afterwards. Thanks for thinking of those of us in Oz and NZ.??

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