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Masking Tape Magic

While reading the morning paper I saw this painting from Paivi Takala. It is made using masking tapes. Masking tapes! Surely I can do something for my art journal with them …

I made a page about Japan and wrote how I love all the tiny stuff they produce from bonsai trees to small boxes. Instead of layering with paint I used masking tape.

Here are some snapshots from the process.

Here you can see the masking tapes and how I have doodled over them. I started with black marker and color pencils.

Then I added some glitter paint.

Now I have removed the tape.

Here’s the final page again. I have filled some of the areas with handdrawn patterns but used most for journaling. Will definitely used this technique again!

23 thoughts on “Masking Tape Magic

  1. Hi, more than the tape the secret is the paper: I used smooth, pretty sturdy paper. The tape I used is the ordinary masking tape available at hardware stores. The masking tape they sell in art supply stores works with any paper!

  2. Ok, so this is genius. I recently finished prepping,painting,and collaging 2 pages only to realize: “Jeepers, I didn’t leave any space to write in!!” LOL!!

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