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Monet’s World of Energy

Strokes of Energy, an art journaling mini-course inspired by Claude Monet, taught by Paivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet

The famous impressionistic painter Claude Monet inspired me to creates this art journaling mini-course. Strokes of Energy has just been released as a part of Imagine Monthly.

Calmness vs. Energy

When I examined Monet’s painting style, I spent a lot of time with calming blues and greens.

Ultramarine blue is wonderful for Monet style color mixes

But the more I painted, the more I brought energy into the painting.  Even if you feel calm when watching Monet’s paintings, his painting style is much more than just lightly caressing the canvas. Directional strokes and plenty of colors are essential in Monet’s impressionistic style. The most fun part of using the active energy is creating all the juicy details with short strokes of paint.

Create your own Claude Monet painting!

Monet’s Fresh Air to Your Art Journal

A big part of art journaling is about making sketches, experiments and building the collection of pages. But every art journal needs also pages that you want to watch again and again. They are like a breath of fresh air among all not so finished pages.

Paivi and her Monet

4 Published Mini-Courses, 2 More to Come

Alphonse Mucha, William Morris, Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Claude Monet have been my inspiration for this spring. When you sign up for Imagine Monthly, you will get all these 4 mini-courses right after the purchase and 2 more in the coming months.

Imagine Monthly - Art journaling mini-courses inspired by world-class art

Also, you will get to be a part of a great community! Every week, when I look at the unique versions my students have made from the exercises, I am in awe. I feel extremely lucky to be part of the group and wish all those masters could still be alive and participate the conversation!

>> Imagine Monthly – Sign up here! 

10 thoughts on “Monet’s World of Energy

  1. I love it. I’ve been to Monet’s garden in Giverney on several occasions and you did it justice. It’s a beautiful place and you picked the perfect colors to depict it. Can’t wait to see more of your beautiful work.

  2. Beautiful! Do you ever link artwork and music in your mind? Whenever I see Monet’s work, I think of Debussy’s music…

    1. Thanks, Jackie! While I paint, I often listen to music. But it can sometimes be very different than the actual painting. Like I listened to rap music while painting some of the parts of this spread! But I can understand what you mean with Claude Monet and Debussy, a great match!

  3. Oh my goodness. You said Monet and Hundertwasser in one sentence. Sold. And your rendition of the bridge, wow! I am eager to learn from you! It might be completely out of my comfort zone and experience, but I have signed up! 🙂

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