Color the Emotion

Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

How Are You, My Friend in Art?

Watercolor painting in progress

I hope you are coping, and as safe as anyone can now be. It’s fortunate that we can have this electronic connection, and that closed borders don’t prevent us from communicating as we have always done.

Over 5 Years Ago and Now

Over five years ago, when I left my day job to become an online art instructor, I saw the Internet as a space ship where I wanted to jump to. But I was wrong. The Internet isn’t a space ship, it’s a whole new world. We, humans, have built a space to go and survive through crises. With the Internet, we have the teleportal that sci-fi movies and books so cleverly illustrate.

Yes, the Internet has its flaws, and yes, we also need fresh air and human touch. But now when our life gets limited, it brings consolation that you, my friend in art, are there. That I am not only someone living in the north, inside a house with a garden, but someone who has soulmates around the world.

Thank you for being my mate, always loving art, always making time to create, always seeking the beauty around you, inside you. Together, when the physical world quiets down, we can make this other world beautiful and positive, with the power of art. Because now or never, humans need art. Our love and passion for it are needed, also in this other world of our being.

Many of you have met each other in some of my classes. I want this artist community to stay together and grow, despite the times we are living.

Now all classes include the membership for Bloom and Fly in 2020!

I used to have dedicated classes for the membership, but now any class will do. All my classes include the membership for Bloom and Fly in 2020. This also applies to all who have bought my classes this year. If you have bought a class from me earlier this year, email me, and you will get instructions on how to join. 

Bloom and Fly artist community

Let’s support each other and create together through these tough times!

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