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Painting in Liberated Style

March Still Life, a mixed media painting in a liberated style. By Päivi Eerola from Peony and Parakeet

Welcome to my creative space to see how I create this mixed media painting “March Still Life”!
Watch the video and listen to my thoughts about creating and teaching art while I paint in a liberated style.

Liberate Your Art!
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but come and join me on the course that is based on it:
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14 thoughts on “Painting in Liberated Style

  1. This is a beautiful painting and certainly gets me excited about abstraction. My mind fills in so many images but basically I feel like I’m relaxing by a pond that has a small waterfall playing music with birds singing the lyrics. I’m sitting at an outside table with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that smell divine while I’m drinking a nice cup of hot tea – peacefully alone with my imagination and memories. Just wonderful! Yes, this video was really informative giving more insight into your process. Thank you.

  2. This is really exiting to watch! I admire your way of painting without any plan, but with a splendid result.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. love love love this thanks for sharing paivi hope to take liberated artist next time around

  4. This is beautiful and I am amazed (as always) by how you pull something out like this. I could not see the vase or the flowers until you found them and brought them to life. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoy watching you create. Such beauty!!!! thanks so much

  5. Thanks so much Paivi for the peek at this process! Hope to be taking Liberated Artist. I also loved the music, and to see the Vase and Flowers forming and Pop was really magical!! WOW!! I wrote down your wonderful quote(s)….”Your Art should carry Hope.” “The process should carry Hope.” “A Riddle that you Solve…..It should be Exciting and Fun!” You are so inspiring in so many ways Paivi!!!

  6. Paivi what a GORGEOUS painting and a beautiful video!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Thank you for being such an encourager, Paivi. You are making me dare to put paint on paper, something I have been nervous of trying. Like Running Lynx, I love the way you say “your art should carry hope!”

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