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Painting the Best Work for the Show

This week, I present the main artwork for my solo show in June and talk about the pressure of painting the best work.

Juhla Neptunuksessa - Jubilee in Neptune, 90 x 140 cm, oil on canvas, by Paivi Eerola.
Juhla Neptunuksessa – Jubilee in Neptune, 90 x 140 cm, oil on canvas

This oil painting, “Juhlat Neptunuksessa – Jubilee in Neptune,” is a part of my series Linnunrata – Milky Way, where I explore planets and outer space. (See previous work: Pluto here, the Earth hereVenus here, and the Sun here!)

Painting the Best Work – Feeling the Pressure!

I have had terrible pressure to create my best work for the show. Especially the two big pieces on the back wall needed to reach the next level, not that I was able to define what that would be. So I couldn’t pre-process and plan the paintings in my mind. I had to trust the brush and the intuition and start painting.

Beginning a new painting and producing your best work. Painting in progress.

This size (about 35,5 x 55 inches) was also new for me, so I felt like being in a new territory. But several smaller paintings of the same series had already been made, so it was a continuum too.


Last week I talked about introverts and extroverts, and this painting definitely was an extrovert. From the beginning, it knew what it wanted and kept talking to me gently but determinedly, and all I had to do was listen to its spirit.

A detail of Juhla Neptunuksessa - Jubilee in Neptune, 90 x 140 cm, oil on canvas, by Paivi Eerola.

I felt like the painting gently carried me over a mystery of life and took me through the gates that I would not have dared alone. I don’t usually talk about the painting process in this mysterious way, but this time, it all felt pretty magical.

A detail of Juhla Neptunuksessa - Jubilee in Neptune, 90 x 140 cm, oil on canvas, by Paivi Eerola.

One part of me, the inner engineer, was wiping the sweat from the outside pressure, and the other part of me, the inner artist, couldn’t care less. She was only serving the needs of the painting.

A detail of Juhla Neptunuksessa - Jubilee in Neptune, 90 x 140 cm, oil on canvas, by Paivi Eerola. Quick strokes, but painting the best work.

I am very happy about the brush strokes – many of them have been created fast, but they still look pretty flawless.

Creating a Panoramic View

I wanted the two big paintings to be individual in identity but still share some parts when placed side by side. This way, the overall view of the gallery’s back wall could be panoramic.

Two oil paintings to create a panoramic view. By Paivi Eerola.
At Home in Pluto and Jubilee in Neptune side by side

To achieve this, I needed to finish the pieces so that they were placed side by side.

Whales in a Small Bond

My studio is a small room attached to our home, and the two whales were much too big.

Trying to paint the best work. Paivi Eerola and her big oil paintings.

But I managed anyway. In art, I don’t want to live a life where everything needs to be perfect before I can do something. I want to accomplish paintings like this right now and can’t wait for a better situation. And I love our home and working from home, so I just have to make things work. Fortunately, we have quite a lot of wall space in the other parts of the house so that the paintings can dry elsewhere.

Main Promotion Piece for the Show

The new painting is airy, but there are a lot of details too. I am very fond of this piece and feel relieved.

A detail of Juhla Neptunuksessa - Jubilee in Neptune, 90 x 140 cm, oil on canvas, by Paivi Eerola.

This painting is the artwork in all the promo material for the exhibition. See the press release here! Because the show is in Finland, the text is first in Finnish but scroll down the page to read the English translation.

Paivi Eerola and her oil painting for her first solo show.

My first solo show Linnunrata will be June 3-19, 2022 at Gallery K, Vantaa, Finland.

18 thoughts on “Painting the Best Work for the Show

  1. Your paintings are absolutely beautiful, Paivi. Congratulations on the show!

  2. I live your art work and always have. I get emails regularly from you and I have even bought some postcards too. I treasure my little artworks and look forward to the day when I can afford to buy a bigger piece. Good luck with the exhibition I am sure it will go well for you. I really love the paintings going in the exhibition.

  3. Oh Paivi, I am SO thrilled for you. You belong in the gallery, showing you wonderful work! The public will learn more of you, and that is as it should be. When I look at the paintings, I see such fluid strokes and the glow from within. Somehow, you achieve this-I don’t know how.
    I can’t wait to hear how much people will love these paintings and the work of your heart and soul.
    All the best-I wish I could be there!
    Sandy in California

  4. I love the motion dancing through these works of art. Beautiful and stunning.

  5. Paivi – I wish that I could be in Finland just so I could see how people respond to your wonderful art. My delight for you is boundless and I am awed by your skills in painting and using coloured pencil.
    Your paintings are stunning on my computer screen, I wish so much to see them in person. You should be proud of all you have achieved. Your husband captured your pride and joy in his photos. They are a joy to see!
    I wish you the best luck and send my deepest regards.

  6. I love them!! What an exciting time, I can feel your excitement. I wish I was halfway around the world, so I could come and see your show. Good Luck!!

  7. Congratulations Paivi. These two paintings are beautiful, full of life and movement. I see how subtly they connect and yet contrast each other.

  8. What a wonderful achievement and such beautiful work. Well done, Paivi and Congratulations. Do hope the exhibition is a huge success.

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