Color the Emotion

Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

Planet Color

The best cure for blank canvas syndrome …

Release your mind by focusing on color!

Planet Color, an online art class by Paivi Eerola of Peony and Parakeet

Create eye-catching abstract art from simple shapes and lines using an adjustable 7-step formula.

This self-study class is especially for:
1) beginning artists who want to create colorful and geometric abstract art
2) those who struggle with creating compelling abstract color compositions.

4 Inspiring Videos and More Ideas

Planet Color includes:

A) Painting Video
A 20-minute video about painting a 12-by-12-inch canvas artwork. The video shows how to use a flexible step-by-step method for focusing on color. You can use the method to create your unique abstract art with your unique color choices. If you don’t want to paint on canvas, you can also create your pieces in an art journal or on a thick paper. You will need acrylic paints and a few brushes to create the painting.

B) “Just start!”
You will also get a 25-minute coaching video to get into the right mindset before the actual painting and see the possibilities of focusing on color.

C) Extra Video: 3D
To take even more out of the abstracts, you will get an extra 15-minute video about how to make your graphic-style painting look more 3-dimensional.

D) Extra Video: 7-Step Formula Applied to Watercolors
You will also get an extra 15-minute video about how to adjust the method for watercolors.

E) Colorful PDF Document

12 pages total. The document summarizes the content and gives more examples and ideas.

Paivi Eerola from Finland – Your Art Teacher

Coming from the land of Marimekko (fashionable textiles) and Kone (smart elevators), I help people to bring more freedom and more meaning into their art-making. Color has been the reason why I left my career in technology and started a new one in visual art. I see color in music, words, and ideas. I see color on rainy days, in dark shadows and on blank canvases. When my left brain wants to hold back, I have a bag of tricks to make it co-operate with the right brain.

From the Students

It gave me the confidence to ‘just start,’ I’d never used acrylics before and simply didn’t know where or how to start. I did three pieces during the ten days and was really interested to see the change in my style/ability. I now find myself looking for opportunities to get my paints out, I’m looking at colours differently. Creativity has always been important to me, but this course has brought it to an entirely new level.

Christina Mitchell, Nicaragua

This workshop has helped me with composition as well as with color. It has also helped me to see what I need to improve upon regarding approach to painting. I want to be more painterly and using the colors the way Paivi has demonstrated is encouraging for me to try.

Elaine Wirthlin, USA

I learned a lot of mixing colors and fell in love with that. I see so many possibilities there … an adventure and a whole new world. I became “hungry” and hope to learn many new things at the time to come.

Pirkko-Liisa Mannoja, Finland

I enjoyed the workshop and the exercises very much. I learned how to be free with color and paints and mixing and will continue on with what I learned.

-Chris Anderson, USA

Bonus: Membership for Art Community Bloom and Fly for 2021-2022!

With the class, you will also get the membership for the Bloom and Fly Facebook group where you can share your work and have conversations with fellow artists. This membership is for 2021-2022, so you can continue drawing and sharing for the whole new year.

Yes, I want to paint Planet Color!

Price: 35 EUR (about 40 USD)

Pay with a credit card or Paypal.

Immediate Download, No Refunds – All the information and services are provided in electronic format. You will need Internet access and a personal email account. The documents are in PDF format, and the videos are offered as a streaming service. You can access the material as long as you want if you download them to your computer before 6 months from the purchase. If you download videos, you will also need an application to view and download MP4 videos. You have to be over 18 to join the Bloom and Fly community. All sales are final.

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