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Romantic Watercolor Florals

This week is about red, pink, sugar, and cream – so, romantic watercolor florals!

Talven voittaneet, a floral watercolor painting in reds and pinks by Paivi Eerola.
Talven voittaneet, 29,7 x 42 cm, watercolor

I had a break from watercolor painting for a long time, but in the summer I started again.

Romantic Flowers and Chicklit

In summer, I had all kinds of complicated ideas for a new course, but my inner voice said:

  • – What if we take out the watercolors and do something that hasn’t been done in a long time?
    – Can I be a romantic?” my artist-me asked my educator-me.
    – You can be as romantic as you want, as long as you work systematically and understandably, she said.

When the camera turned on, a short “Yippee!” went up inside me. Freely Grown was born, but watercolor painting didn’t stop there. I had been dreaming for a long time that I could do something lighter – like the writer Rachael Herron, who wanted to start her career with a profound book, but ended up writing a chick-lit novel. He noticed that chick lit is surprisingly challenging and realized that every genre of literature has its own difficulties.

Romantic watercolor florals from an online course Freely grown.
Paintings made for the course Freely Grown. >> Sign up here!

Watercolor Flowers like Sweet Desserts

I’ve learned a lot of painting techniques with watercolors in the past and it can certainly be seen in my oil paintings. But in the summer I started to be interested in what I had learned while painting with oils and whether I could do vice versa – so, use it in watercolors.

Starting new watercolor paintings. Intuitive starts - several at the same time.

Now I didn’t want to do anything hugely abstract, but sweet flowery paintings. The kind that, if they were food, would have a lot of sugar and whipped cream in them.

Painting details in watercolor. A romantic watercolor flower painting in progress.

An artist should probably only do fine dining, but this has started to resonate with me and it has also been nice to notice that there is a demand for it.

Painting flowers using a flat watercolor brush.

Even now, I’m making a small series for a gallery.

Painting romantic watercolor florals

Those Who Won Winter

This red-hued Talven voittaneet is the first for the series of four. The name would be translated into English as “Winners of Winter” but it is not quite the same. The Finnish version is closer to the expression “those who won winter.”

Paivi Eerola's watercolor painting "Talven voittaneet". Watercolor roses.

My favorite part of this painting is unexpectedly the bottom right. I often leave the edges pretty undefined, but here the bottom part plays a key role. It has melting ice from which the flowers rise.

Romantic watercolor florals by päivi Eerola. A detail of a watercolor painting.

Imagine flowers winning the winter with their warmth – isn’t it such a lovely thought! I have really enjoyed making these kinds of romantic watercolor florals.

Flowers and Gala

This week has been busy. I already received a grant from the city of Vantaa in the summer for my early autumn art exhibition, but it was celebrated only last Wednesday when the city organized a cultural gala.

Päivi Eerola and her husband in Vantaa's cultural gala.
My husband is my best supporter.

It was nice to be surrounded by respected colleagues. In the picture, a councilor Lasse Norres representing the city congratulates the visual artists. Päivi Allonen and Satu Laurel also received a grant and are there on the stage with me. They have wonderful paintings and I highly respect them both.

Vantaan kulttuurigaala, a cultural gala of Vantaa, Lasse Norres and visual artists Päivi Allonen, Päivi Eerola, Satu laurel

Have I mentioned that I love flowers? I think if you’ve been following me for even a little while you know that!

Romantic Watercolor Florals

At the moment, my small studio is a flower painter’s heaven and the flowers have free access there, even if I don’t use them directly as models. The flowers of my inner world may resemble the flowers of the outer world, but they have their own romantic life.

Floral watercolor painter's studio
I use a plastic plate on the top of the worktop when painting, and then keep the paintings in progress under the plate between the sessions.

Nice creative moments for your weekend!

Yellow and red rose, a watercolor painting in the background.

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  1. Lovely that your husband is a wonderful supporter!
    I love these colors you have chosen, so romantic and striking.
    All the details are wonderful too.
    Congratulations on being honored!

  2. Bravo on your art exhibition achievement. The pictures are inspiring.

    Thank you for this eloquent description of Watercolor Florals and your Freely Grown workshop. Your storytelling and art skills swept me into that Romantic World… How lovely it is to be privy to their inner environment … What a peaceful thought.!!!

    Congratulations, Paivi

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