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Pick a few colors and create without stiffness.

Roses with Colored Pencils – Draw with Me!

Roses drawing by Peony and Parakeet, watch the video of drawing and coloring roses with colored pencils!

I know some of you prefer abstract themes, some more realistic. But maybe you are like me who loves to combine realistic themes, for example, roses, with more intuitive and abstracts shapes.

Copying? – No!

There are people who say that you have to copy photos to create realistic art. I don’t believe that. If you fairly accurately know the structure of the subject, there’s no need to have a photo in hand. Instead, you can focus on your point of view and express how you experience the subject.

Perspective Drawing? – No!

Some people say that you need to fully master perspective and shadowing to make your drawing look dimensional. I don’t believe that either. If you know how to work with colors, you can do a lot.

Blind Spots? – Most probably!

I do believe that most beginner artists have blind spots. Maybe you use too raw colors, maybe your every element is similar in size, maybe your lines are too stiff, maybe you get discouraged in the very beginning when not knowing what to create. Whether you love abstract or realistic, the blind spots are often the same. My workshops help you to get through the blind spots.

Coloring Roses – Draw with me!

But even if the workshops didn’t interest you, grab your colored pencils and draw the roses with me! Namely, thinking doesn’t boost your imagination and grow your skills in the way doing does.

Get more instructions for colored pencils: Buy Coloring Freely!

20 thoughts on “Roses with Colored Pencils – Draw with Me!

  1. I loved watching you draw and seeing the color choices you made. I learned so much just by watching you. Next grabbing my pencils and drawing with you rather than just watching. What a great exercise. Thank you for this, Paivi!

  2. Hi Paivi,
    Is this course exactly like the one you offered last summer or are the lessons different? Thank you .
    Elaine Wirthlin

  3. Loved watching you draw with beautiful results. Makes me want to jump right in. Practice, practice, practice.

  4. I am interested in your drawing methods…but not necessarily with colored pencils…do you have classes in other mediums? Markers, pastels, watercolor crayons/pencils, etc?

    1. Most of the exercises in Inspirational Drawing are set so that they can be done with other mediums too. For example watercolor pencils work just fine! And we also make and use handdrawn collage pieces at the class.More info and signing up:

      If you are looking for even more mixed media approach, these are the classes for you:
      – Imagine Monthly
      Main supplies: colored pencils, marker pens, watercolors, acrylic paints
      More info and signing up:
      This class is an on-going class from January to June and once you purchase it, you will receive the first two months immediately!

      – Liberated Artist
      Main supplies: watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils
      More info:
      The class begins at April 4th, the registration will open in the end of February.

      To summarize:
      – if you want to focus on drawing and work with inspiration, choose Inspirational Drawing
      – if you want to focus on painting and add more visual meaning to your art, choose Liberated Artist
      – if you want to experiment with techniques and styles, choose Imagine Monthly

  5. I forgot to say thank you for this video. I can’t wait to try it . You make everything so beautiful!

  6. hi paivi thank you so much for sharing this video I took inspirational drawing and learned lots as I always do from you —

  7. Stunning–it reminds me so much of Monet’s waterlilies! It would make a beautiful hand done greeting card!

  8. Beautiful, you make it look so easy, I’m also amazed that with your engineering background, your art is so loose and exciting, I will try this, but first I have to do my February mini workshop!

    1. Lee, thanks! The most important thing is to find the balance between loose and more controlled. If you only do loose, it will be a chaos. If you only do controlled, it will be too stiff. The first week in Inspirational Drawing is on the loose side, the second on the controlled side, and then we will combine the two.

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