Create Fantastic Art!

Fly to your imagination and paint the emotion.

Peony and Parakeet


Coming Up!

Floral Freedom

Follow the footsteps of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky and apply their teachings to expressive floral art.

Learn the principles for abstracts, use them for painting freely from imagination, and create art that uplifts both minds and interiors.

The registration will begin in November.
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Gratitude Junk Journal

Gratitude Junk Journal 2020, Paivi Eerola's class: Music

Create a gratitude journal and make 12 pages with 12 instructors! Register now!

Begins on Nov 1st, 2020. Register in October to get 20% off. Enter JOY2020 at checkout. >> Buy Here!

My class is about getting inspired by your favorite music and finding connections between music and visual art.
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Illustrate the Magic


Paint flowers, cakes, and decorative dollies.
Watercolors, gouache, or acrylics.
Price: 50 EUR
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Magical Inkdom

Magical Inkdom

Draw witches, fairies, and wonderlands.
A thin-tipped pen and coloring supplies.
Price: 59 EUR
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Animal Inkdom

Draw and decorate wild animals.
A thin-tipped pen and coloring supplies.
Price: 79 EUR
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Watercolor Dreaming

Watercolor Journey

Travel memories and imaginary sceneries.
Price: 85 EUR
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Magical Forest

Intuitive techniques for nature’s spirits.
Watercolors and a pencil.
Price: 88 EUR
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Floral Fantasies

Become a floral painter!
Watercolors, acrylics, and pens.
Price: 109 EUR
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Mixed Media Madness


Get wildly inspired by embroidery.
Watercolors, acrylics, pens, and a gel plate.
Price: 39 EUR
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Innovative Portraits

Tell stories by drawing and painting faces.
Acrylics, oil pastels, and pencils.
Price: 85 EUR
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Inspirational Drawing

Doodle freely from inspiration.
A thin-tipped pen and coloring supplies.
Price: 109 EUR
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Start with Color

Coloring Freely

Coloring doesn’t have to be boring.
Colored pencils.
Price: 15 EUR
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Planet Color

Paint fun abstract compositions.
Acrylic paints or watercolors.
Price: 35 EUR
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Knitting Patterns

Folk Bag Workbook

Use your stash and make unique gift bags!
Price: 15 EUR
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Aurora Bag

A classic pattern for a classic handbag.
Price: free
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Coming Up in Late 2021

The Exploring Artist is Coming back in 2021!
A coaching program for you who wants to become clear about what kind of artist you are. Become more confident in calling yourself an artist and start sharing your art, for example, in social media, blogging, selling your originals and prints, teaching classes, etc.

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